The Ministry of National Education invites qualified young people abroad with postgraduate education!

The Ministry of National Education invites qualified young people abroad with postgraduate education! The Ministry of National Education (MEB) has started looking for students for postgraduate studies to strengthen Turkey’s skilled human resources. Here are the details: Postgraduate training opportunity for 850 young people The MEB offers 850 young people who have demonstrated exceptional success … Read more

The most influential people in contemporary robotics

Before analyzing who are the most famous people in robotics today, we might define what exactly this term is coined Isaac Asimov as a science that studies robots. This word was first used in 1920 by a writer Karel Capek originating from the Czech word robotwhich means servitude or forced labor. What is robotics and … Read more

Many people failed to comply with the 25 percent, and lawsuits ran rampant.

Hamid HANGUL While there is a signal that the end of the 25 percent increase in the housing rent ceiling, which was introduced in Turkey in the last two years in the face of exorbitant rent increases, representatives of the real estate sector emphasized that the 25 percent increase in the rental market remains symbolic. … Read more

ASUS selects ten technologies that will mark the year 2024 and the future of the industry and people

The rapid development of the technological landscape is shaping a an increasingly innovative and disruptive future. Advances are constant, and emerging trends take on meaning almost instantly, changing the way we live, work and communicate. In this context, experts from ASUS They predict the year 2024, in which it will be necessary to consolidate certain … Read more

With financial education, Contactar supports the recovery of the Runa Shimi language of the Yanakona indigenous people in Huila –

As a pioneering project in Colombia, Contactar and the Yanakona community of the Intillagta Reserve in Pitalito, Huila have joined forces to promote My country – ÑUKAPA ALPA, Finance with an ethnic sense, a model of inclusion and financial education, focused on the restoration of ancestral knowledge, which is on the verge of extinction, and … Read more

Robots are coming into action to collaborate with humans

Automation has a lot to offer in complex production processes. Not only in the possibility of increasing profits, but also in improving working conditions. Where they are most stringent, where a lot of hard manual work is required and automation has always been difficult, the Cogniman project initiative seeks to offer innovative solutions. Demand for … Read more

Where in Europe are people most financially literate?

A new report suggests that many adults lack the skills to understand and manage difficult financial situations. According to a new report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), only 34% of adults have a minimum level of financial literacy. This means that most individuals, at least in the 39 countries surveyed, are … Read more

The government will ban banks from charging commissions to people over the age of 65 for cash withdrawals at the counter

People over the age of 65 will no longer have to pay commissions for cash withdrawals at the counter. This is one of the main measures aimed at the senior group announced so far by First Vice President and Minister of Economy, Trade and Commerce Nadia Calviño after meeting this Monday with the banking associations … Read more

Real Estate Market: These are the reasons why buying a house is an unattainable dream for young people

Buying one seems like an elusive dream since 2009 Home for young citizens. Real estate prices are even higher, loans are even more expensive and wages are even lower. In fact, the newspaper “Eleftheros Typos” states that in the popular name generations, “Gen Z” are today’s students born from 1997 to approximately 2012. “Millennials” are … Read more

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