What will the robots of the near future be like?

Robots of the near future Impact artificial intelligence (AI) is setting a new pace in software development robotics and automation. Artificial intelligence enables personalized and optimized software solutions that transform the manufacturing experience. Logistics is expected to see significant growth with an annual growth rate of 46%, where automation will become key to addressing labor … Read more

Get Together for Robotics – PLC controlled robots – infoPLC

Flexible manufacturing and the growing use of AI-based solutions as well as cobots and AGVs to reduce engineering and maintenance costs were a central theme. After a great success last year, the conference was held again Get together for robotics. Accompanied by a large number of online participants, around 100 participants from 39 companies gathered … Read more

The Mexicans are creating an algorithm to correct errors in commands given to robots

Graduates of the Mechatronics Engineering course at the Tecnol√≥gico de Monterrey, Santa Fe campus, have developed an algorithm that makes it possible to reduce the error rate in the relevant guidelines for mechatronics or robotics. This research was published in the journal “Expert Systems With Applications”, one of the world’s most prestigious scientific publications in … Read more

Robots are coming into action to collaborate with humans

Automation has a lot to offer in complex production processes. Not only in the possibility of increasing profits, but also in improving working conditions. Where they are most stringent, where a lot of hard manual work is required and automation has always been difficult, the Cogniman project initiative seeks to offer innovative solutions. Demand for … Read more

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