Get Together for Robotics – PLC controlled robots – infoPLC

Flexible manufacturing and the growing use of AI-based solutions as well as cobots and AGVs to reduce engineering and maintenance costs were a central theme. After a great success last year, the conference was held again Get together for robotics. Accompanied by a large number of online participants, around 100 participants from 39 companies gathered … Read more

The most influential people in contemporary robotics

Before analyzing who are the most famous people in robotics today, we might define what exactly this term is coined Isaac Asimov as a science that studies robots. This word was first used in 1920 by a writer Karel Capek originating from the Czech word robotwhich means servitude or forced labor. What is robotics and … Read more

The development of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) for industrial transformation in 2024

The industrial landscape is poised for a significant transformation with the integration of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) approaching 2024. Several key trends are expected to drive this development, bringing not only efficiency but also enhanced capabilities. capabilities of different sectors. A critical analysis of this change assumes the following development: 1. Autonomous Mobile Robots … Read more

2024: How AI, quantum, robotics and other technologies will leave their mark

Although we’re already past the fear of ChatGPT taking the world by storm; that Elon Musk still doesn’t have the perfect humanoid; and that we continue to be more vulnerable to the dynamics of international supply chains, applied sciences push and respond to consumer needs through technological innovation. Meanwhile, what will we see in 2024? … Read more

4 predictions that will shape industrial robotics in 2024 – infoPLC

Anders Billesø Beck, VP Strategy and Innovation at Universal Robots, explains four trends in robotics and automation in 2024 As the year draws to a close, it’s time to analyze the trends that marked 2023 and predict what 2024 will bring for the world of robotics and automation. 2023 was an exciting year for innovation. … Read more

Meet Ameca, a robot with consciousness: a new era in robotics?

Discover Ameco, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot capable of expressing emotions and reasoning about its existence. Ameca, an android developed by Engineered Arts, was recognized as the most advanced humanoid robot in the world. Unveiled at the recent Las Vegas tech show, this surprising technological advancement stood out for its ability to gesture, express … Read more

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