Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Construction: A Deep Look | Inarchy

In a world where innovation and technology dictating the pace of progress, the construction industry is witnessing a quiet revolution, fueled by unstoppable progress Artificial Intelligence (AI). This field, historically characterized by its conventional methods and resistance to change, is being transformed by artificial intelligence, which means the dawn a new era in designplanning and … Read more

The development of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) for industrial transformation in 2024

The industrial landscape is poised for a significant transformation with the integration of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) approaching 2024. Several key trends are expected to drive this development, bringing not only efficiency but also enhanced capabilities. capabilities of different sectors. A critical analysis of this change assumes the following development: 1. Autonomous Mobile Robots … Read more

4 predictions that will shape industrial robotics in 2024 – infoPLC

Anders Billesø Beck, VP Strategy and Innovation at Universal Robots, explains four trends in robotics and automation in 2024 As the year draws to a close, it’s time to analyze the trends that marked 2023 and predict what 2024 will bring for the world of robotics and automation. 2023 was an exciting year for innovation. … Read more