Real estate: Stoves made of… gold – Prices for new housing construction are dizzying – Why are they increasing?

Without a brake, their rally continues increases on the domestic real estate market, with sale prices residence an increase of 53.8% nationally and 71.1% in Attica, from 2017 to the second quarter of 2023, when in European Union according to the latest data, it reaches 46%. Eurostat. A key factor in the rapid rise in … Read more

Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Construction: A Deep Look | Inarchy

In a world where innovation and technology dictating the pace of progress, the construction industry is witnessing a quiet revolution, fueled by unstoppable progress Artificial Intelligence (AI). This field, historically characterized by its conventional methods and resistance to change, is being transformed by artificial intelligence, which means the dawn a new era in designplanning and … Read more