Housing market 2024, what to invest in?

As we welcome the new year, the real estate market is one of the topics that citizens are most curious about. Citizens who have saved their investments for 2024 have already started researching. This year housing Will prices go up or down? Although investment in land exceeded housing last year, what are the expectations this … Read more

Housing taxation: property tax, Airbnb, Pinel, what will change in 2024

Tax on vacant apartments extended In order to encourage owners to rent or sell unoccupied properties, a tax on unoccupied housing was created in 2013. It targets owners or users of dwellings that have been unoccupied for at least one year. in 2023 1,140 municipalities located in tense areas were eligible to apply this tax … Read more

Housing crisis: owners in the crosshairs of the assembly

News World dated November 26, is issued by a Bill transpartisanan (dubbed Ministerial Delegate for Housing) on ​​housing to redirect tourism rentals and secondary residences to main residences, the deficit of which is glaring and undisputed in certain so-called stressed areas. This proposal consists in removing the tax benefits provided to owners of furnished rentals, … Read more

Salary, housing, mobility: What will change for you in 2024

On January 1, 2024, several changes will come into effect in Luxembourg. Here are the changes between salaries, state support, housing and mobility. Big tax cut from January 1st! Very good news for workers and pensioners in Luxembourg: MEPs voted this Wednesday, 20 December promised tax cuts for 2024. From the 1st of January the … Read more

Real estate: Stoves made of… gold – Prices for new housing construction are dizzying – Why are they increasing?

Without a brake, their rally continues increases on the domestic real estate market, with sale prices residence an increase of 53.8% nationally and 71.1% in Attica, from 2017 to the second quarter of 2023, when in European Union according to the latest data, it reaches 46%. Eurostat. A key factor in the rapid rise in … Read more

Housing: The Court of Auditors demands an increase in property tax

The French Court of Auditors considers housing taxation to be relatively high and burdens owners almost exclusively. He is also advocating an overhaul of the system so that possession is taxed more than acquisition to allow for better market dynamics, i.e. an increase in property tax. Housing taxation is ” reflecting mandatory rainfall among the … Read more

Real estate: Court of Auditors calls for “major reform” of housing taxation

What is housing taxation? In 2022, the French spent €581 billion on their 38 million homes, including €92 billion in taxes, or 7.6% of compulsory deductions and 3.5% of GDP. “A high level that reflects our country’s mandatory deductions”underlined, Monday 18 December, Pierre Moscovici, the first president of the Court of Auditors, during the presentation … Read more

Property. The new housing market: will the situation improve in 2024?

A sharp drop in housing starts, the number of building permits… According to data from the French Building Federation (FFB), new construction is falling into crisis at the end of the year. And the situation will get even worse in 2024… Decrease in production by -7.8% With 286,000 construction starts in 2023 (-22.3% in one … Read more

How big is the state’s housing stock?

It’s a park property “Extremely Extensive” who is “present in almost all countries of the world”. “This park has a significant scale, both in relation to other European countries and in relation to the main players in the private sector”, specifies the report of the Court of Auditors published at the beginning of December. This … Read more

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