The impact of technology on F1

Formula 1, the pinnacle of motorsport, has always been in tune with technological innovation. The close relationship between cutting-edge technology and the world of racing has transformed the way teams design, build and drive single-seaters over the decades. The impact of technology on Formula 1 goes beyond simply improving performance and shaping the entire experience … Read more

The biggest seller of electric cars in Spain is the Chinese: last year there were 30,000

Chinese brands are making their way into the electric gap MG, the new head of sales in 2023 The best-selling electric car costs €15,000 on average In a surprising turn of the automotive scene, electric vehicles from China have reached a major milestone by displacing renowned traditional brands such as Renault and Peugeot About the … Read more

From phone calls to bikes! Xiaomi will present its new car

Sustainable growth: The presence of hybrid cars in Mexico continues to grow, with a 23 percent increase in annual sales, reflecting a growing preference for green options. Different models: The Mexican market offers a wide range of hybrid car models, from compacts to luxury SUVs, providing consumers with diverse options that adapt to different needs … Read more

An electric motor in every wheel: the future of electric cars is bright and the brands know it

The constant development of electric vehicles redefines the design and layout of some of their components basic. And this with the aim of maximizing efficiency as well as interior space in order to provide passengers with greater comfort. The future of electric cars according to Kia and Hyundai One of the most interesting innovations is … Read more

Exporting more expensive electric cars to Europe is vital for China (photos) | News from the economy | new money

When the European Union started research on Chinese production support domestic electric carsEuropean automakers ready for pain retaliation an increasingly assertive economic superpower. However, such a thing It did not happen, at least not yet. Apart from some initial harsh words from China, both the government and companies like it DWELLING and SAIC cooperate in … Read more

Xiaomi launches an electric car with double autonomy and a BMW-style design

Xiaomi Corporation is a relatively young company that quickly entered the world market with smartphones as star products, but this time it is trying to revolutionize the automotive industry. an electric car with double the autonomy compared to the competition and other notable features. We refer to SU7, launched by Xiaomi which some automotive experts … Read more

Discover car preferences in Spain

In the not-too-distant past, the possibility of buying a new car for 8,000 euros was a reality in Spain. Models like Dacia Sandero and Logan offered an affordable option, no frills but functional for everyday use. However, over time, inflation and technological advances have changed the landscape, raising prices and changing consumer preferences. Changing prices: … Read more

In the world of electric cars, 70% of combustion engines will continue to circulate in Europe in 2040

In a world of electric vehicles, 70% of internal combustion engines will still be on European roads in 2040, says PwC According to one study, it is expected that The electricity consumption of electric cars and trucks in Europe will increase rapidly: from 16 terawatt hours today to 355 terawatt hours in 2040. Taking into … Read more

The future of the automotive industry: automation and connectivity in vehicles

The automotive industry is undergoing a rapid transformation towards greater automation and connectivity in vehicles. While safety is a primary concern, automakers also face the challenge of making connected vehicles affordable and cost-competitive. Cars today contain more semiconductors than ever before, with an estimated 1,400 chips in the average vehicle. These chips play a key … Read more

Renault is rewriting the future of cars with its Eco-Design

Renault is rewriting the future of cars with its Eco-Design by being a catalyst for sustainability and a point at which converge the convenience of the electric vehicle and the future of mobility.As a next-generation automotive company that lives up to its sustainability commitments, Groupe Renault is radically renewing the design of its vehicles. Gilles … Read more