The impact of technology on F1

Formula 1, the pinnacle of motorsport, has always been in tune with technological innovation. The close relationship between cutting-edge technology and the world of racing has transformed the way teams design, build and drive single-seaters over the decades. The impact of technology on Formula 1 goes beyond simply improving performance and shaping the entire experience … Read more

Investment and technology: focus on promising sectors for 2024

The world of technology is developing at an unprecedented speed, and new investment opportunities are emerging with it. Faced with this diversity, how can we navigate and make the best decisions in terms of financial investments? In this article, we offer you an overview of the most promising sectors for 2024. These areas have been … Read more

Segula bets on NPL technology for data management – infoPLC

The firm is participating in the Emphasis R&D project to create a technology ecosystem to enable companies to extract, understand and structure data that comes from text and voice in an automated way. The digitization of various business processes means that companies have to manage large amounts of data and information. For this reason, organizations … Read more

What is artificial intelligence? An innovative revolution in technology

Artificial Intelligence: Computer systems that mimic human intelligence The term artificial intelligence (AI) refers to technologies in which computer systems are designed to imitate human intelligence or exhibit human-like abilities. Artificial intelligence can perform human abilities such as performing complex tasks, developing learning abilities, making decisions and solving problems through computers and other smart devices. … Read more

“We need to stop being afraid of technology and think about how it brings value to citizens.”

Founded in 1906 as “The Haloid Photographic Company” according to Chester Carlson In New York, Xerox initially focused on photographic products. The real transformation of the company came in the 1950s, when Carlson invented a revolutionary technology known as xerography, which made it possible to quickly and easily reproduce documents. Therefore, in 1959 the … Read more

Artificial intelligence advances in electronic skin technology promise to revolutionize health monitoring and diagnostics

In a recent review article published in the journal The intelligence of natural medicineresearchers at the California Institute of Technology discussed the involvement of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in the creation of next-generation electronic skin (e-skin) and the analysis of health data collected by e-skin. Background E-skin is defined as integrated electronics that mimic and … Read more

Technology creates new opportunities for agriculture

Technological and specifically digital advances are revolutionizing industries, markets and societies. Today, digital technologies have become essential tools for the design, production and marketing of goods and services in various chains and sectors of the economy. The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) reports that the adoption of these innovations in agriculture … Read more

Artificial intelligence: the key to digital transformation in society

In permanent development technological environment, artificial intelligence (AI) became the undisputed protagonist. It is the main driver of the unprecedented changes occurring in the business environment. However, its rapid adoption is accompanied by a number of problems myths and misunderstandingsin short, noise that could disorient companies seeking this inclusion technique in their operations. In order … Read more

How will artificial intelligence be applied in the military industry?

The military is applying AVA—which offers real-time information and ad-hoc reporting to enable intelligent and automated decision-making—to its critical telecommunications networks—the private communications that connect disparate devices controlled by the network owner. monitor your traffic in real time -. “But it’s not clear to us what (the combat bodies) are doing in the use cases … Read more

The most in-demand jobs in 2030 do not yet exist

According to the World Economic Forum, 80% of the most in-demand jobs will be new in 2030. Today’s society is constantly changing, and the work ecosystem is no stranger to this. This is why UDIT, the University of Design, Innovation and Technology, introduced Atlas of creative professions of the future. A study that aims to … Read more