Organization of collective investments in real estate (OPCI): invest in stone without worrying about management – Le Revenu

Remember Performance: variable depending on the years and the health of real estate and financial markets Risk: non-guaranteed return and capital Duration : at least eight to ten years Liquidity: superior to SCPI, with selection possible at any time Like real estate investment trusts (SCPIs), real estate collective investment trusts (OPCIs) are considered a “rock … Read more

Microsoil management 2024: what your tax cut?

When declaring their property income, the taxpayer can choose the micro-land tax regime. The latter offers certain advantages, in particular the reduction of taxable income. Ceiling, tax, micro-property or real mode… What you need to know. summary What ceiling for the micro plot regime? Micro plot regime refers to a tax regime that applies automatically, … Read more

Segula bets on NPL technology for data management – infoPLC

The firm is participating in the Emphasis R&D project to create a technology ecosystem to enable companies to extract, understand and structure data that comes from text and voice in an automated way. The digitization of various business processes means that companies have to manage large amounts of data and information. For this reason, organizations … Read more

The future of e-waste management with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has seen significant advances in various industries, and its impact on waste management, especially electronic waste (e-waste), is no exception. As the world becomes more dependent on technology, so does the amount of e-waste generated.According to the Global E-Waste Monitor 2020, a record 53.6 million metric tons of e-waste was generated worldwide … Read more

Rent Management Like A Passive Income Earner – Brains Real Estate News

In the constant search for sources of passive income, rental management has established itself as a solid and profitable strategy for both owners and managers. In this context from Homingas rental management experts we offer a comprehensive view of how to effectively earn passive income in the real estate rental world. Invest in rental apartments … Read more

JP Morgan Asset Management survey: Lack of financial knowledge keeps Germans out of the capital market – do schools and parents have an increased responsibility?

Although many Germans are now venturing into stocks and mutual funds, the need to catch up with capital market investments remains high compared to savings accounts or term deposits. Record sums are once again flowing into savings investments this year – after all, interest rates have risen significantly over the past 18 months. “Especially for … Read more

The government wants to drastically limit real estate management

Bercy estimates that his administrations could do without around a quarter of the areas currently in use… Hence the “ambitious reform of state properties” unveiled last month by Thomas Cazenave, the minister responsible for the recovery of public finances. Objectives: to sell buildings in order to reduce the public deficit and reduce the impact of … Read more

Money Management Lessons You Should Learn By Age 18 That You Can Use Throughout Your Life

Financial literacy is a staple in adult life, but many admit they don’t have the necessary knowledge. AND survey he showed it one in three American adults feel they lack financial knowledge. Reporter Steve Liesman and finance editor Kelli Grant put together the list CNBC Make It with the keys to managing money that young … Read more