Most Mexicans lack discipline and financial education

Due to the economic situation in Mexico, it is recommended to be cautious when spending at the end of the year, avoiding unnecessary consumption and entering into debts that threaten personal finances, warned researcher from the Faculty of Accounting and Administration of UNAM Norman Jonathan Wolf del Valle. . The specialist said in an interview … Read more

Retirement: the best financial strategy to secure your future

Preparation for retirement is an essential part of ensuring a peaceful and comfortable life once you stop working. However, tackling this step can be complex and intimidating. In this article, we look at the best financial strategies to secure your future after retirement. Assess your current financial situation Before creating any strategy for your retirement, … Read more

Real estate – Real estate project: can your business provide you with financial support?

Are you an employee? Do you want to become an owner but can’t make this project happen? There are several funding mechanisms resulting from the employer’s contribution. Focus on Action Logement Home Loan, a former 1% employer. If you work for a private sector company, you can benefit from two forms of help in the … Read more

Avoid a financial hangover in January

After Christmas holidays and the end of the year will come January expensesalso known as “financial hangover”So that you don’t start off on the wrong foot and with debts, it is advisable avoid unnecessary expenses, be careful with credit cards and work in the culture saving. Carlos Floresadvisor from financial education in National Commission for … Read more

A strategic financial plan for the end of the year and a successful start of the new one

There are only a few days left to say goodbye to 2023 and start the new year with every intention of meeting the proposed goals. Especially the ones that require moneywhether it’s getting out of debt, buying a house, starting collegetake a trip or just learn it Impose. However, these goals can be difficult to … Read more

Possibilities of renegotiating the debt with the increasing delinquency rate | Financial Diary

Javascript is disabled in your web browser. For the correct display of this page, please enable javascript. Instructions for enabling javascript In the browser, click on here. The deterioration of economic conditions has affected the number of people in arrears in Chile. In total, just over 4 million people are delinquent, the highest level since … Read more

Financial education for women and girls: Finance is a woman’s business

Counselors for women and girls are calling for more financial education for women. A series of events with a financial focus is intended to create greater awareness of one’s own money. LEIBNITZ. Finance they are generally not a topic that women like to talk about. Given one high rates of part-time work for women and … Read more

I Asked 6 Financial Advisors How To Make A Successful New Year’s Financial Resolution (And They All Agree)

2023 was the year for me safety mattress. In January, I decided to set aside some of my savings for the completion the minimum that experts recommend having in an emergency fund: three months of income (or fixed expenses, depending on each person’s needs). The goal was that in 2024 my New Year’s resolution should … Read more

Financial violence against women: “It’s also unfair to put all the responsibility on men”

When partners abuse their financial dependence, they commit violence. He still mainly meets women. In an interview, Nataschawegelin explains why not wanting to deal with finances is fatal and how couples can compensate for financial difficulties. When people use physical violence, they strike. Financial violence can also occur, especially in a couple relationship. Where … Read more

Meet the 5 most profitable investment funds of 2023 in Spain: Secure your financial future now

In the current international situation and in the context of the dizzying world of finance, finding solid and profitable investment opportunities is essential to ensure a prosperous financial future. In this article from 3D politicswe present the 5 most profitable investment funds of 2023 Spainthat provide you with key information for informed and strategic financial … Read more

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