Financial education for women and girls: Finance is a woman’s business

Counselors for women and girls are calling for more financial education for women. A series of events with a financial focus is intended to create greater awareness of one’s own money. LEIBNITZ. Finance they are generally not a topic that women like to talk about. Given one high rates of part-time work for women and … Read more

Financial violence against women: “It’s also unfair to put all the responsibility on men”

When partners abuse their financial dependence, they commit violence. He still mainly meets women. In an interview, Nataschawegelin explains why not wanting to deal with finances is fatal and how couples can compensate for financial difficulties. When people use physical violence, they strike. Financial violence can also occur, especially in a couple relationship. Where … Read more

Reasons why it’s harder for women to retire financially free

Although feminism It got us a little closer to equality, the truth is that we still have a very long way to go. Women continue to suffer from many “gaps” in relation to men, whether in the workplace, in society or in our own homes. In relation to money, things are not much different. It … Read more

Halkbank continues to support female entrepreneurs with the Producing Women competition

Halkbank CEO Osman Arslan stated that they have provided 53 billion TL of support to 212 thousand women to date and said, “By continuing our support to our women, we want to allow 250 thousand female entrepreneurs to benefit from our loan package by the end of 2024. .” he said. Halkbank, organized to encourage … Read more

Halkbank will allocate 20 billion TL to women entrepreneurs

Mehtap HALICI Halkbank is holding the third Productive Women Competition today on its way to the Productive Women Summit organized on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2021. Applications for the competition, which will evaluate women entrepreneurs who provide added value to the Turkish economy, will be accepted until December 31. The competition will award … Read more

Women of Yozgat will know their bills with this program

Launched in July in partnership with the Financial Literacy and Access Association (FODER) and featuring online training, the program is now transitioning to face-to-face training in partnership with the Women’s Labor Evaluation Foundation (KEDV). Planned eight-month period, Istanbul, IzmirIt will be held in cooperation with women’s teams in Manise, Muğla, Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa. It is … Read more

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