Women of Yozgat will know their bills with this program

Launched in July in partnership with the Financial Literacy and Access Association (FODER) and featuring online training, the program is now transitioning to face-to-face training in partnership with the Women’s Labor Evaluation Foundation (KEDV). Planned eight-month period, Istanbul, IzmirIt will be held in cooperation with women’s teams in Manise, Muğla, Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa. It is planned to expand to include women in different cities in the future.

Content and objectives of the training

Training organized by KEDV trainers will focus on effective budget and resource management. The program “Women who know their accounts” will not only increase the level of financial literacy of women, but also support them in developing their entrepreneurial skills. It aims to ensure women’s more active participation in economic life through training in product development, sales, marketing and micro-entrepreneurship.

From the CEO of Garanti BBVA Explanation

Garanti BBVA CEO Recep Baştuğ said that the economic empowerment of women is important for social development and that by launching the program “Women who know their accounts” they want to contribute to women discovering their potential and participating more effectively in economic life. Baştuğ emphasized that their goal is to increase the participation of women in the workforce by further expanding the scope of the program.

Support with products and services

Garanti BBVA provides services to women within the program. special It supports their financial empowerment by offering products and services. Its aim is to support women with various financial instruments such as fee-free Bonus credit cards, savings account, BES and micro-credit products.

FEM certificate to Abdi İbrahim

Abdi İbrahim was entitled to receive the “Equal Opportunities Model” (FEM) certificate developed by KAGİDER with the technical support of the World Bank. The FEM certification aims to increase the productivity of women by promoting gender equality in business life. Abdi İbrahim is among the institutions eligible to receive the FEM certificate with its policies promoting gender equality.

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