Extra-curricular initiatives to train future citizens

Complement your education using information and communication technologies (ICT)the main tasks of the program are to support research work to carry out information work and to improve the use of the Internet as a source of useful knowledge “Reporters on the Internet”, organized by the Ibercaja Foundation for middle, high school and curriculum students, for which schools can apply until January 17, 2024.

Work coordinated by the teachercan be presented in two modalities: text article or video and within one of them three proposed thematic areas: science and technology, mobility and financial education.

During his 23 national challenges he participated more than 11,000 students who presented more than 4,000 papers.

Art and sensitivity

Good use of technological tools also helps in the creative process. It was revealed in a conference organized by artist Dino Valls for young people from IES Pablo Serrano in Zaragozain which he taught them how he sequenced and fragmented his pictorial portraits to reinterpret them in a unique and distinctive way.

The Herald Escolar site to be further away from screens, and even to be offered as an alternative to them in the early childhood education phase, but to delve into the artistic side of learning. conclusions of the day of the illustrated album Albumizajethat recently took place in Alagón, a great opportunity to reclaim the story as a tool for teaching and personal development.

These types of activities, which are not included in the textbooks and provide significant added value, continue to be a constant in Aragon’s educational centers. So, for example, this month is worth highlighting alliance between the Nuestra Señora del Carmen Neuropsychiatric Center and the Venta del Olivar Rural Center for Educational Innovation which, through the program Abejar Radio, prioritizes understanding the viewpoints of other groups and contributes to a more empathetic and inclusive view.

And among the most common and widespread initiatives in the centers is the exchange with students and teachers from other countries. No doubt an intense and very effective learning experience. This is how it turned out for a a group of North American students from Pasadena (California) who visited the capital of Aragon a few days ago, as a result of a school exchange with La Salle Montemolín in Zaragoza.

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