This brand will be the MG of hydrogen cars. They found a key in their engine and want to disable the electrics

NamX doesn’t stop in its quest for engine excellence. An Afro-European company based in Paris designed combining mobility and environmental protection on a large scale through green hydrogen.

In this desire to find the best engine, His hydrogen electric utility vehicle seems to have gone through a phase. This HUV, which is behind, works with six hydrogen capsules located in the rear of the vehicle. They can be recharged at gas stations or changed, thus ensuring mobility. With six capsules, the HUV reached a range of approximately 800 km.

Green hydrogen seems to be an environmentally friendly alternative highly valued by the automotive world. And attempts to replace petroleum-based fuels with green hydrogen encourage the creativity of manufacturers. Whoever finds an engine that runs on hydrogen, at a reasonable price and with features that satisfy the user, will have a powerful key to success in their hands.

From fuel cell to internal combustion

NamX believes its H2 V8 internal combustion engine has made a big impact on the development of fossil fuel-free engines.

What is the advantage of this engine over HUV, the previous version of the brand? The company says hydrogen batteries are a problem because they rely on rare earth metals.

These batteries require very expensive metals to achieve the efficient catalysis process necessary to generate electricity. Attempts to replace precious metals with other systems have not yielded results in efficiency, performance and durability.

New ICE engine with internal combustion technologyproved to be a way to use hydrogen to have good results in every way.

What are the benefits of the ICE H2 V8 engine tested by NamX?

Companies that make cars have to to reconcile today’s environmental requirements with user access and satisfaction and of course with its own profitability.

He the best vehicle for the environment It must also be efficient and accessible to people and profitable for the company.. Research and search are focused on this trilogy of factors.

All indications are that the new ICE H2 V8 engine can ensure the compatibility of all three aspects. Where do these manifest? good conditions?

  • These hydrogen engines eliminate the need for high-purity hydrogen which is necessary for fuel cells. Therefore, hydrogen with a lower price and lower quality can be used.
  • A longer service life and the possibility of easy and economical maintenance and repairs are guaranteed. NamX has extensive repair experience and a network of maintenance and spare parts supply, which gives it a certain advantage in the market.
  • From the company’s point of view, production of the ICE H2 V8 engine is stable and predictable in terms of costs. This stability is achieved by eliminating precious metals, whose prices fluctuate widely. A certain stability of both production and purchase prices is therefore guaranteed for users.

he still has to walk

NamX has to solve a big problem with its ICE H2 engines: its inefficiency in fuel consumption. They use 20 to 40% of the energy contained in the hydrogen and the rest is lost as heat. In this respect, hydrogen cells have an advantage, as they can use up to 60%. This means that to travel the same distance, a new internal combustion engine needs more fuel than a hydrogen cell.

However, the company continues its march without pause, knowing that its Hydrogen ICE technology is an important advancement in the automotive industry.

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