$550 billion in commercial real estate debt will be a headache for the US

Emre ERGUL 1 – Economic growth is likely to slow in 2024 as the effects of monetary policy play out and post-pandemic headwinds fade. We expect real GDP growth, also known as a soft landing, to tread the line between mild expansion and contraction for most of this year. After tracking better-than-expected real GDP growth … Read more

Avoid a financial hangover in January

After Christmas holidays and the end of the year will come January expensesalso known as “financial hangover”So that you don’t start off on the wrong foot and with debts, it is advisable avoid unnecessary expenses, be careful with credit cards and work in the culture saving. Carlos Floresadvisor from financial education in National Commission for … Read more

Possibilities of renegotiating the debt with the increasing delinquency rate | Financial Diary

Javascript is disabled in your web browser. For the correct display of this page, please enable javascript. Instructions for enabling javascript In the browser, click on here. The deterioration of economic conditions has affected the number of people in arrears in Chile. In total, just over 4 million people are delinquent, the highest level since … Read more

Bad financial education: Debt eats up bonuses in Q. Roo

December 20 is the last day to pay bonuses in Mexico, and in Quintana Roo, companies are even resorting to borrowing up to 80 thousand pesos to pay their employees, more than half of whom They will use the money to cover their own debts. According to a survey by consulting firm ODC, one of … Read more

A possible investment of 1,900 million pesos will strengthen FibraShop

The purchase of the property portfolio for an approximate value of 1,900 million pesos translates into a net operating income of 200 million per year. With possible acquisition portfolio of shopping centers At an estimated value of 1.9 billion pesos (mp), FibraShop will have benefits of around 200 million pesos per year in terms of … Read more