Avoid a financial hangover in January

After Christmas holidays and the end of the year will come January expensesalso known as “financial hangover”So that you don’t start off on the wrong foot and with debts, it is advisable avoid unnecessary expenses, be careful with credit cards and work in the culture saving. Carlos Floresadvisor from financial education in National Commission for … Read more

Justice Department Sues Realtor Over Unauthorized Loans To Hispanic Buyers

WASHINGTON, DC – The Justice Department on Wednesday launched its first predatory mortgage lawsuit against a Texas real estate company accused of luring tens of thousands of Hispanic homebuyers into deceptive sales. The lawsuit targets Colony Ridge, a development northeast of Houston that promises to buy homes with Spanish-language ads, but then directs applicants to … Read more

Investing in loans and rental properties: maximizing returns through financing

What should you think about before investing? First of all, you need to be clear about your goals, whether to generate additional income, prepare for retirement or acquire assets for the future. On the other hand, property selection is critical to maximizing housing occupancy rates. It is better to consider different solutions and lease states. … Read more

With inflation, student loans are no longer enough

Inflation strangle them students, particularly uncertain. Faced with rising living costs and school fees, they are no longer able to cope prepared student. The amount that many students borrowed at the beginning of their studies is not enough today to complete their studies in good conditions. The prepared student allows to pay registration or daily … Read more

With inflation, student loans are too tight to graduate

(AFP) – “I’ll be between 5,000 and 10,000 euros short by the end”: Faced with rising living costs and tuition fees, the amount many students borrowed at the start of their studies is now proving insufficient. to complete schooling in good circumstances. Alex knows he’s struggling to finance his studies: the 25-year-old student worked nights … Read more

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