$550 billion in commercial real estate debt will be a headache for the US

Emre ERGUL 1 – Economic growth is likely to slow in 2024 as the effects of monetary policy play out and post-pandemic headwinds fade. We expect real GDP growth, also known as a soft landing, to tread the line between mild expansion and contraction for most of this year. After tracking better-than-expected real GDP growth … Read more

SCI: Why is this the secret weapon of informed real estate investors?

The Real Estate Civil Society (SCI) is a legal structure that allows several people, whether they are from the same family or not hold and manage property jointly property. This type of company offers partners many benefits such as ease of administration, asset protection, simplified transfer and tax benefits. In this article, we invite you … Read more

Real estate: how to find the perfect time to invest and avoid the pitfalls!

Real estate investing is a complex and often intimidating process, but it’s extremely rewarding when done right. Finding the ideal time to invest in real estate is a question that worries many investors, both beginners and experienced. In a fluctuating market marked by sometimes unpredictable trends, how can we determine the right time to jump … Read more

Real estate: five good reasons to invest in 2024

Is the worst of the real estate crisis behind us? The question arises when looking at the relevant indicators the year 2024. If the real estate market stalled in 2023, it didn’t crash. The number of transactions remains very high (928,000 as per data Notaries of France). What’s more, property prices have held up and … Read more

Real Estate: Avoid the common pitfalls of short-term rentals

Short-term lease is a practice that allows ownersoptimize their performance by offering your goods property for short stays. However, while this alternative can be very attractive from a financial point of view, it also presents a certain number of risks and limitations that must be faced. In this article, we will look at a few … Read more

Organization of collective investments in real estate (OPCI): invest in stone without worrying about management – Le Revenu

Remember Performance: variable depending on the years and the health of real estate and financial markets Risk: non-guaranteed return and capital Duration : at least eight to ten years Liquidity: superior to SCPI, with selection possible at any time Like real estate investment trusts (SCPIs), real estate collective investment trusts (OPCIs) are considered a “rock … Read more

Real estate – Real estate project: can your business provide you with financial support?

Are you an employee? Do you want to become an owner but can’t make this project happen? There are several funding mechanisms resulting from the employer’s contribution. Focus on Action Logement Home Loan, a former 1% employer. If you work for a private sector company, you can benefit from two forms of help in the … Read more

Real estate: what will change in 2024?

A revolution in real estate renovation support: MaPrimeRénov’ and MaPrimeAdapt’ As of January 1, 2024, the MaPrimeRénov aid will undergo significant restructuring. Now they will focus on the overall restoration with an increase in their amount. However, in order for owners to take advantage of this, they must be accompanied by Mon Accompagneteur Rénov’. Entitlement … Read more

Success in real estate: essential qualities of a good developer

In the dynamic and complex world of real estate, project success does not rely solely on technical expertise or financial strategies. The basis of this success are the qualities and skills of goodness real estate developer. These qualities go far beyond the ability to trade or understand market trends. They include a deep understanding of … Read more

What are the criteria for evaluating the profitability of a real estate investment in Porto Vecchio? – profitable-investment.eu

Porto Vecchio, a charming town in southern Corsica, attracts many investors every year. Its privileged location between the sea and the mountains makes it a popular destination. However, every investment requires an in-depth study to evaluate it profitability of real estate investment Porto Vecchio criteria. Let’s discover the basic criteria for a real estate investment … Read more

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