Real estate: how to find the perfect time to invest and avoid the pitfalls!

Real estate investing is a complex and often intimidating process, but it’s extremely rewarding when done right. Finding the ideal time to invest in real estate is a question that worries many investors, both beginners and experienced. In a fluctuating market marked by sometimes unpredictable trends, how can we determine the right time to jump … Read more

Find out how to save without much effort

After 2023, when the economy was marked by rising inflation, which triggered a general increase in interest rates and the prices of basic goods such as oil, the Spanish family economy faces expectations and uncertainty in 2024. Will the shopping cart continue to rise? Will house prices stabilize? Will salaries increase? This unstable economic situation … Read more

Repeal of the Tenancy Act: is it business again to buy a property and find a tenant?

After the repeal of the Tenancy Act, experts say it is once again profitable to buy rental properties in the traditional way (Illustrative image Infobae) Possible title II: With the repeal of the Rent Act: Is it again appropriate to invest in real estate and use it for classic contracts? Possible title III: Perspectives after … Read more

They find that AI can learn by imitating you: a big step towards AGI? – LEBIGDATA.FR

Google DeepMind researchers have just made a major discovery: just like humans, AI can learn in real time through imitation! The implications could be huge, as the entire AI training process could be redefined… find out everything you need to know about this new breakthrough! Surely you know: human intelligence relies heavily on acquiring knowledge … Read more

Find out if you can be exempt from property tax

Understand property tax : options for increases and exemptions in 2023 PUSH property tax is a crucial topic for every owner property. This year with a significant increase as a result inflation and reassessing rental values, it is more important than ever to understand the nuances and the possibility of exemption from this tax. Property … Read more

Find Christmas flight deals using AI

More and more stories are going viral that feature artificial intelligence (AI). Now on Christmas holidays, we can mention that artificial intelligence can be of great help in getting tickets to your favorite destinations. And in the world of travel planning, artificial intelligence is gaining ground and leading the trend with tools like ChatGPT. In … Read more

Llucmajor, a fascinating destination to find your new home

Llucmajor and its surroundings, in the south of Mallorca, is a fascinating region where you can find your new property with the help of professional experts. The main recommendation we suggest is to research and choose an agency with a good reputation in Mallorca, with experience and open communication at all times. Engel & Völkers … Read more

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