Five affordable places to buy property abroad in 2024 – Forbes Spain

High prices, high mortgage rates and declining supply. Prospective home buyers in the United States and Spain face a situation almost impossible and as a result home sales are not the best. They are at their lowest level in 13 years. Instead of waiting for the frozen market to thaw, those interested in buying real … Read more

Housing taxation: property tax, Airbnb, Pinel, what will change in 2024

Tax on vacant apartments extended In order to encourage owners to rent or sell unoccupied properties, a tax on unoccupied housing was created in 2013. It targets owners or users of dwellings that have been unoccupied for at least one year. in 2023 1,140 municipalities located in tense areas were eligible to apply this tax … Read more

Golden Visa: Record sales in 2023 – Which nationalities are buying property |

THE golden visa it has brought our country 1.3 billion euros in profits from the beginning of the year until November, with sales estimated to break all records by the end of 2023! What is a Golden Visa? The Golden Visa Program was introduced by Law 4146/2013. It is not actually a visa but a … Read more

Damages from property taxes

According to the Case-Shiller index, home prices have increased by 44% since February 2020. Of course, this is just an average and some markets have seen much larger price increases. However, even in the real estate markets of Central America, where prices are supposed to be more reasonable than on the coast, prices have risen … Read more

Investing in Antalya Property: A Guide for Foreign Buyers

Located on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, Antalya has become an increasingly popular destination for foreign property buyers in recent years. This is due to the many advantages the city has to offer, including beautiful beaches, a warm climate and a growing economy. Property price in Antalya One of the biggest advantages of buying real estate in … Read more

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Repeal of the Tenancy Act: is it business again to buy a property and find a tenant?

After the repeal of the Tenancy Act, experts say it is once again profitable to buy rental properties in the traditional way (Illustrative image Infobae) Possible title II: With the repeal of the Rent Act: Is it again appropriate to invest in real estate and use it for classic contracts? Possible title III: Perspectives after … Read more

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Pre-sale property valuation: maximize your profit!

Appraising a property before listing it for sale is a crucial step, often underestimated. Far from being a mere formality, this approach is actually the key to a successful transaction. Why is real estate valuation so important? It allows you to determine the optimal selling price, but also to highlight the assets and potential of … Read more

Find out if you can be exempt from property tax

Understand property tax : options for increases and exemptions in 2023 PUSH property tax is a crucial topic for every owner property. This year with a significant increase as a result inflation and reassessing rental values, it is more important than ever to understand the nuances and the possibility of exemption from this tax. Property … Read more