An AI powered robot manages to solve this marble game in near record time

The robot completed the CyberRunner in just 14 seconds after only 6 hours of practice. Robots powered by artificial intelligence are getting smarter and can solve more complex equations Join the conversation Artificial intelligence is here to stay. It’s a reality you may or may not like, but it’s the only truth. Artificial intelligence is … Read more

Golden Visa: Record sales in 2023 – Which nationalities are buying property |

THE golden visa it has brought our country 1.3 billion euros in profits from the beginning of the year until November, with sales estimated to break all records by the end of 2023! What is a Golden Visa? The Golden Visa Program was introduced by Law 4146/2013. It is not actually a visa but a … Read more

How do investment banks view the record election year 2024?

VEDAT Ă–ZDAN In 2023, we witnessed the highest inflation and tightening of monetary policy in the last 40 years. Although easing slightly compared to 2023, 2024 will be a year in which financial conditions remain tight, global growth slows, and national politics and global geopolitics continue to decline. According to The Center for American Progress, … Read more

New record in sight for CAC 40 thanks to Jerome Powell

(AOF) – European markets are expected to surge in the wake of Wall Street. Yesterday, the Fed did not dampen market expectations of a rate cut as economists had expected. On the contrary, its members plan 3 reductions of 25 basis points in 2024. The ECB and the Bank of England will announce their decisions … Read more

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