An AI powered robot manages to solve this marble game in near record time

The robot completed the CyberRunner in just 14 seconds after only 6 hours of practice.

Robots powered by artificial intelligence are getting smarter and can solve more complex equations

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Artificial intelligence is here to stay. It’s a reality you may or may not like, but it’s the only truth. Artificial intelligence is being introduced into various technologies to improve its capabilities, both in solving complex equations and solving complex equations simply generate images for free, albeit of dubious quality. In another recent chapter, an AI bot solved the game in near-record time.

AI is on the rise in all industries, even some Spanish cities They want to apply it to traffic lights to improve traffic. However, AI also serves to make devices and tools such as robots intelligent. In this case, we have a robot powered by artificial intelligence He almost broke the record in CyberRunner, a labyrinthine marble game.

In less than 15 seconds and 6 hours of learning, this robot almost set the record

CyberRunner is a game in which a box-shaped board contains a series of longer and smaller mazes with holes in different parts. These holes are numbered and precisely sized to fit the marble. So, for example, you can put it in different holes to make the game more complicated. Getting to hole number 2 is not the same as getting to hole number 35..

Knowing the dynamics of the game, the team modified the board to allow AI-powered robotic arms to be attached to it. After placement and with 6 hours of teachingthe robot reached complete the game in just 14.69 seconds. As indicated in TechnabobWhat could this robot do with a week’s worth of exercise?

The truth is that during learning, the robot tried to find shortcuts in the mazes, but the people working on the project forced it to go all the way. However, the robot He managed to complete the maze quickly in just 14.69 secondsthereby almost setting a new world record.

However, and as mentioned, the robot doesn’t have much of a sense of humorbecause when his marble was traded for gum, the device became very frustrated.

The truth is that robotics applied and enhanced by AI is something worth investing in and studying thoroughly, as many answers to the problems of the future can be found here. Or at least that’s how some researchers see it. It’s not unusual to see attempts to improve robotics and artificial intelligence by simply completing games quickly. The future that awaits us with both problems is both interesting and uncertain..

In a nutshell we can say that:

  • A group of researchers developed a AI robot which almost achieved a world record.
  • The record was almost achieved by the game Labyrinth which is played with marble.
  • The artificial robot had only 6 hours of learning and completed it 14.69 seconds.

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