Gold price growth under scrutiny: This is why gold is increasingly popular with Asian central banks

Gold prices had a strong year. In addition to the prospect of interest rates falling again, massive gold purchases by many Asian central banks may have been a decisive factor in price gains. Why is gold so attractive to the central banks of China, India et al. • Asian central banks significantly increased their gold … Read more

How do investment banks view the record election year 2024?

VEDAT ÖZDAN In 2023, we witnessed the highest inflation and tightening of monetary policy in the last 40 years. Although easing slightly compared to 2023, 2024 will be a year in which financial conditions remain tight, global growth slows, and national politics and global geopolitics continue to decline. According to The Center for American Progress, … Read more

Digital transformation is key for banks

By exploring customer data, banks are becoming technological pioneers and offering tailored services to strengthen their position in the financial sector. Just as convenient retail has been disrupted by the convenience factor brought about by digital transformation, the global banking industry, once characterized by brick-and-mortar branches and face-to-face meetings with customers, has evolved in response … Read more

The government will ban banks from charging commissions to people over the age of 65 for cash withdrawals at the counter

People over the age of 65 will no longer have to pay commissions for cash withdrawals at the counter. This is one of the main measures aimed at the senior group announced so far by First Vice President and Minister of Economy, Trade and Commerce Nadia Calviño after meeting this Monday with the banking associations … Read more

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