Golden Visa: Record sales in 2023 – Which nationalities are buying property |

THE golden visa it has brought our country 1.3 billion euros in profits from the beginning of the year until November, with sales estimated to break all records by the end of 2023! What is a Golden Visa? The Golden Visa Program was introduced by Law 4146/2013. It is not actually a visa but a … Read more

7 tips to prevent panic buying from affecting your finances

The increase in social activities during this festive period brings with it a significant increase in our expenses, especially if they are carried out at the last minute and without prior consideration. The main recommendation will always be to plan ahead and not wait to buy an exchange gift or dinner ingredients at the last … Read more

A practical guide to buying real estate in Italy

In recent years, the Italian real estate market has attracted increasing interest from both investors and those wishing to buy property in the Bel Paese, especially in Sardinia, Sicily, Lake Como and Tuscany. Contrary to what one might think, the buying process is very accessible to those who are well informed. After the end of … Read more

Mubawab: 51% of demand for land aimed at buying real estate | African manager

At the end of 2023, Mubawab Tunisia launches the first edition of its exclusive report called Land Guide: Analysis of the Land Market in Tunis 2023. This land guide aims to shed light on the real estate scene through an analysis of the activity on its portal. from real estate ads posted on, highlighting … Read more

Safe buying in the well: 8 keys to choosing a reliable developer

He real estate market Argentina continues to be fertile ground for investment, and one of the most interesting options is the purchase of well-developed real estate. However, this process is not without problems, and to ensure a safe purchase it is necessary to evaluate whether the developer fulfills his promises and obligations. Some important keys … Read more

Real estate: buying a house or apartment for life annuity, anti-crisis solution

basic Faced with rising mortgage rates that are crippling the housing market, combined with soaring inflation that is eroding household savings, life annuity sales are booming. As a Toulouse agency specializing in this sector explains to us, a win/win formula for sellers and buyers. For some, a bet on death or for others, on the … Read more

Real Estate Market: These are the reasons why buying a house is an unattainable dream for young people

Buying one seems like an elusive dream since 2009 Home for young citizens. Real estate prices are even higher, loans are even more expensive and wages are even lower. In fact, the newspaper “Eleftheros Typos” states that in the popular name generations, “Gen Z” are today’s students born from 1997 to approximately 2012. “Millennials” are … Read more

Is it worth buying an apartment to rent?

The real estate investment It is one of the most attractive options for those looking for profit in the medium and long term. But before you take that step, it’s important to understand the factors that affect the profitability of condos and how they align with your financial goals. That’s why we offer you a … Read more

Doing business with Hoquet Business: buying or renting a commercial property?

Business hiccups offers an in-depth reflection on the crucial choice between renting and buying real estate. This decision, which is in the center of interest of entrepreneurs, requires a careful analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each option. HOQUET BUSINESS An idea, a project? Stop waiting for opportunities. Outrun them. With Hoquet Business, a … Read more

4 tips for buying a rental property

Investing in rental properties is a technique used by a large number of people who want to expand their property. The reason is that real estate is a safe investment against inflation and crises. Discover our 4 tips for buying a new rental property. Do some serious market research Before starting the process of buying … Read more

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