Five affordable places to buy property abroad in 2024 – Forbes Spain

High prices, high mortgage rates and declining supply. Prospective home buyers in the United States and Spain face a situation almost impossible and as a result home sales are not the best. They are at their lowest level in 13 years. Instead of waiting for the frozen market to thaw, those interested in buying real … Read more

Repeal of the Tenancy Act: is it business again to buy a property and find a tenant?

After the repeal of the Tenancy Act, experts say it is once again profitable to buy rental properties in the traditional way (Illustrative image Infobae) Possible title II: With the repeal of the Rent Act: Is it again appropriate to invest in real estate and use it for classic contracts? Possible title III: Perspectives after … Read more

The investment legend who says “Buy Bitcoin” has these 5 assets in his basket!

cryptocurrency After 2022, which was tough for the market, 2023 was relatively better. As this year draws to a close, it’s time to take a look at the portfolio of veteran investor Robert Kiyosaki, one of the most famous and controversial figures in finance. Kiyosaki strongly opposes fiat money, disparaging terms such as “fake money”. … Read more

3 best countries in Europe to buy a holiday home

According to Kate Everett-Allen of real estate firm Knight Frank, three countries are considered to be perennial favorites for holiday home buyers in Europe. These countries are not surprising because they are also included in the list of top tourist destinations. Reason for France, Italy and Spain. All three countries have political stability, good governance … Read more

With the crazy real estate prices in Paris, who can actually buy a property?

Despite the downward trend in real estate prices in the capital, as in the rest of the country, Paris remains the most expensive city, with a price per square meter of around 10,000 euros. And again, it’s average! In the most popular districts of Paris, 6E and 7E especially in the districts, this price per … Read more