Countries with the highest rental yields (current 2023) – Investhome

Countries with the highest rental income This question is mostly asked by people who want to invest in real estate and want to know which countries are the most suitable for this. There are many investment options these days and real estate is one of them. Although every country has high rental potential, America is … Read more

What are “golden visas” and which EU countries still grant them?

THE Spain could be the next EU country to crack down on golden visas. With the EU warning against citizenship by investment schemes, some Spanish politicians are trying to pull the trigger on golden visas. Obtaining the right to live and work in another country can be a long and difficult process. But this is … Read more

3 best countries in Europe to buy a holiday home

According to Kate Everett-Allen of real estate firm Knight Frank, three countries are considered to be perennial favorites for holiday home buyers in Europe. These countries are not surprising because they are also included in the list of top tourist destinations. Reason for France, Italy and Spain. All three countries have political stability, good governance … Read more