Exporting more expensive electric cars to Europe is vital for China (photos) | News from the economy | new money

When the European Union started research on Chinese production support domestic electric carsEuropean automakers ready for pain retaliation an increasingly assertive economic superpower. However, such a thing It did not happen, at least not yet. Apart from some initial harsh words from China, both the government and companies like it DWELLING and SAIC cooperate in … Read more

In the world of electric cars, 70% of combustion engines will continue to circulate in Europe in 2040

In a world of electric vehicles, 70% of internal combustion engines will still be on European roads in 2040, says PwC According to one study, it is expected that The electricity consumption of electric cars and trucks in Europe will increase rapidly: from 16 terawatt hours today to 355 terawatt hours in 2040. Taking into … Read more

OECD: Which Europeans are “aces” in finance? Under the base of the Greeks

How are we able to manage basic financial concepts and make the right decisions for our “wallet” in a cloudy period for global economy; As a new report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has revealed, many adults around the world, including our country, lack the necessary knowledge to understand and manage … Read more

Where in Europe are people most financially literate?

A new report suggests that many adults lack the skills to understand and manage difficult financial situations. According to a new report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), only 34% of adults have a minimum level of financial literacy. This means that most individuals, at least in the 39 countries surveyed, are … Read more

Lifento reveals its analysis of the healthcare real estate market in Europe in 2023

Lifento, a pure-play healthcare real estate management company, publishes the results of its study of the healthcare real estate market in Europe by real estate consultancy JLL. There are several main lessons here: a boom in liquidity and opportunities with attractive returns and remarkable market stability, especially compared to tertiary real estate. + 115% of … Read more

Housing crisis: Lisbon withdraws golden visa – sees 2nd biggest price increase in Europe after Athens | topontiki.gr

Faced with the unprecedented housing crisis is located Lisbon, which records – according to Bloomberg – the second largest increase in housing prices in major European capitals after Athens. Government of Portugal, after successfully attracting wealthy foreigners with a series of investment incentives, it is now trying to drag down the markets which push housing … Read more

3 best countries in Europe to buy a holiday home

According to Kate Everett-Allen of real estate firm Knight Frank, three countries are considered to be perennial favorites for holiday home buyers in Europe. These countries are not surprising because they are also included in the list of top tourist destinations. Reason for France, Italy and Spain. All three countries have political stability, good governance … Read more

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