John Catsimatidis: He sold houses worth 250,000,000 dollars and wants to bring pandas from China

For a trader, it sounds strange, to say the least luxury apartments worth 250,000,000 dollars in his new real estate venture while trying to bring pandas from afar China on New York for the enjoyment of young children without any financial gain. Besides that John Catsimatidis he is not what we call an ordinary businessman, … Read more

Exporting more expensive electric cars to Europe is vital for China (photos) | News from the economy | new money

When the European Union started research on Chinese production support domestic electric carsEuropean automakers ready for pain retaliation an increasingly assertive economic superpower. However, such a thing It did not happen, at least not yet. Apart from some initial harsh words from China, both the government and companies like it DWELLING and SAIC cooperate in … Read more

Real Estate: Foreign Investments of 1.64 Billion Euros in 2023 – ONLARISSA.GR New News Larissa

The interest of foreign investors in the Greek real estate market is great. In recent years, a large percentage of foreign buyers have chosen to purchase residential property here either due to changes in the Golden Visa program or for permanent residence after retirement. Investments by foreigners in the real estate market are not only … Read more

Portugal: AirBnb and Golden Visa in the spotlight again – ONLARISSA.GR New news Larissa

By listing all homes actively available for short-term rental in conjunction with the end of Golden Visa incentives, the Portuguese government is trying to find a way to deal with high housing costs that have pushed a large portion of the domestic population out of the market. Among other things, Lisbon has launched actions to … Read more

Rent Management Like A Passive Income Earner – Brains Real Estate News

In the constant search for sources of passive income, rental management has established itself as a solid and profitable strategy for both owners and managers. In this context from Homingas rental management experts we offer a comprehensive view of how to effectively earn passive income in the real estate rental world. Invest in rental apartments … Read more


The 33rd Legislature of the State Congress, chaired by Nataly Tizcareño, has begun legislative activity, in this case for the good of education. LAURA MONTS The 33rd Legislature of the State Congress, chaired by Nataly Tizcareño, has begun legislative work, in this case for the good of education. Both for the presentation of initiatives and … Read more