The 33rd Legislature of the State Congress, chaired by Nataly Tizcareño, has begun legislative activity, in this case for the good of education.


The 33rd Legislature of the State Congress, chaired by Nataly Tizcareño, has begun legislative work, in this case for the good of education. Both for the presentation of initiatives and for reforms in this matter. In this way, Laura Monts Ruíz introduced an important addition to the education law of the state of Nayarit. In a proposal that is not only interesting and modern, but also, according to experts, proves to be necessary.

This is a suggestion by Laura Monts.

ONLY. – Section XII of Article 2 A, Sections XXIV and XXV of Article 6 are reformed; Section XXVI is added to Article 6, the entire Education Law of the State of Nayarit.

So that in its Article 2, Section XII, so that it says. – It will strive to promote emotional intelligence, which is defined as the development of intellectual and conscientious aspects for the adequate expression of emotions, thus helping to detect mood and feelings in order to develop an empathic attitude and be assertive in decision-making.

Article 6.- Section XXIV.-And also Article 6, Sections XXIV, part. –Encouraging entrepreneurship, supporting the culture of savings and financial education;

XXV.- Develop and implement programs, courses and extracurricular activities aimed at developing the emotional intelligence of pupils at the appropriate educational levels, or

XXVI.- Others are determined by Article 3, second paragraph of the Federal Constitution, the general law and this law and other applicable legal regulations.


The State Congress and Laura Paola Monts Ruiz agree on the same vision to help improve education in the state. For this reason, the Congress organized a Forum on December 11 to discuss the topic “The Importance of Mental Health in Classrooms”. With the decisive impulse of the representative Laura Paola Monts Ruiz. She is the chairwoman of the Special Commission of Inquiry into the Murders of Women. On this question of education, the representative agrees with Congress on this point. Even as he appropriated it, he delved deeply into its analysis.

In this forum held in the Central Courtyard of Congress, he expressed: “This initiative goes to the roots of violence, to the transformation of our society through the most powerful tool we have, which is education, and I want it to be enshrined in the law reforming the education law of the state of Nayarit so that it is not a six-year term that comes with the desire to promote emotional health, but rather that it is already protected by law and regardless of the government that reaches the Executive.

With this willingness to improve public education, the representative noted: “there will be no profound transformation – in education – unless it comes from us, if we demand respect, non-violence or a more peaceful Mexico.” Action that she is sure she will achieve with this proposal. Also considering the advice of experts, men and women, on this matter.


In this interesting Forum, the psychologist Paola Angélica Rodríguez Castañeda, who works in the field of public education, expressed at the event: “It is my pleasure to raise our voice and say that we agree to enact these issues so that they remain as law and not as an emerging program” –

He also stated that as a state body in education, they implemented emotional health programs that trained more than 16,000 people, including students and teachers. Waiting for subsequent positive results.

Psychologist Fernando Escobedo Hernández, from the same educational sector of the state, commented: “First, awaken the personal conscience, turn to see ourselves from the recognition of our own existence, begin to be more empathetic, begin to be more sensitive, more human; People are not born as people, but with the ability to be, what makes us human is the contact with others, the interaction we have with people, humanizes us,” said a speaker at this important forum.

Child psychologist Marisa Arreola explained that emotional intelligence in minors should be seen as prevention. He explained that girls and boys regularly hide that they have any aggression because they repress their emotions and for fear of hurting their parents. He warned: “It is important to give children the tools to understand the physical reactions that generate emotions; this is the first step towards the comprehensive development of the child.”


On behalf of the State Congress and herself, Laura Monts thanked the audience for their presence and the participants for the value of their contributions. Acknowledging that this forum has marked significant progress in contributing to the improvement of girls’ and boys’ education. In the interests of better public education in the state.

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