The biggest seller of electric cars in Spain is the Chinese: last year there were 30,000

Chinese brands are making their way into the electric gap MG, the new head of sales in 2023 The best-selling electric car costs €15,000 on average In a surprising turn of the automotive scene, electric vehicles from China have reached a major milestone by displacing renowned traditional brands such as Renault and Peugeot About the … Read more

An electric motor in every wheel: the future of electric cars is bright and the brands know it

The constant development of electric vehicles redefines the design and layout of some of their components basic. And this with the aim of maximizing efficiency as well as interior space in order to provide passengers with greater comfort. The future of electric cars according to Kia and Hyundai One of the most interesting innovations is … Read more

Exporting more expensive electric cars to Europe is vital for China (photos) | News from the economy | new money

When the European Union started research on Chinese production support domestic electric carsEuropean automakers ready for pain retaliation an increasingly assertive economic superpower. However, such a thing It did not happen, at least not yet. Apart from some initial harsh words from China, both the government and companies like it DWELLING and SAIC cooperate in … Read more

In the world of electric cars, 70% of combustion engines will continue to circulate in Europe in 2040

In a world of electric vehicles, 70% of internal combustion engines will still be on European roads in 2040, says PwC According to one study, it is expected that The electricity consumption of electric cars and trucks in Europe will increase rapidly: from 16 terawatt hours today to 355 terawatt hours in 2040. Taking into … Read more

Renault is rewriting the future of cars with its Eco-Design

Renault is rewriting the future of cars with its Eco-Design by being a catalyst for sustainability and a point at which converge the convenience of the electric vehicle and the future of mobility.As a next-generation automotive company that lives up to its sustainability commitments, Groupe Renault is radically renewing the design of its vehicles. Gilles … Read more

The differences between front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and 4WD cars and how ESP erases it

Fortunately, electronics help us to have safety in the car regardless of the traction it has. The constant development of automotive technology has led to a revolution in vehicle propulsion systems, where electronics play a central role. We’ll explore how electronics, particularly through traction and stability control, have changed the driving experience by pulverizing differences … Read more

This brand will be the MG of hydrogen cars. They found a key in their engine and want to disable the electrics

NamX doesn’t stop in its quest for engine excellence. An Afro-European company based in Paris designed combining mobility and environmental protection on a large scale through green hydrogen. In this desire to find the best engine, His hydrogen electric utility vehicle seems to have gone through a phase. This HUV, which is behind, works with … Read more

Technological developments mean that new cars do not have a manual handbrake

He manual parking brakethe classic lever that cars carried between the driver and passenger seats was once a standard feature on most vehicles, is gradually being replaced by systems electronic handbrake in new car models of various brands on the market. Of course, there are still brands like Suzuki, Abarth and Dacia that resist change, … Read more

Cardan shaft: a key part of your car’s mechanics

The automotive world is full of necessary components that guarantee the proper functioning of our vehicle. One of them, although not always recognized for its importance, is gimbal. The main function of this transmission element is to transmit rotational motion between axles that are misaligned, which is a fundamental aspect in automotive mechanics. Understanding the … Read more

The impact of used cars on the environment

Vehicles have an unavoidable impact on the environment. According to a study by the European Agency, 30% of greenhouse gas emissions in the Union are produced by transport. The transport sector is one of the main causes of environmental pollution. In order to protect the environment and promote sustainable development, regulations regarding greenhouse gas emissions … Read more