Discover Your gateway to the world of partial real estate investment

In the complex world of real estate investing, finding a platform that simplifies access while offering the prospect of profitability is key. is presented as an innovative solution, democratizing partial investments in real estate. This article aims to reveal in detail the characteristics of, explore its benefits and compare it to other forms … Read more

In the world of electric cars, 70% of combustion engines will continue to circulate in Europe in 2040

In a world of electric vehicles, 70% of internal combustion engines will still be on European roads in 2040, says PwC According to one study, it is expected that The electricity consumption of electric cars and trucks in Europe will increase rapidly: from 16 terawatt hours today to 355 terawatt hours in 2040. Taking into … Read more

Meet the fastest dog in the world, a robot named Hound who overcomes obstacles

This machine is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 6.5 m/s and traversing difficult terrain such as grass at high speed. A four-legged robot HUNTER managed to create a world record Guinness for the fastest 100 meter race completed by a machine of this type. The brand, which is also considered a new milestone … Read more

Artificial intelligence knows no boundaries! The dead may now be raised: My soul is still in this world

According to reports from the French news agency AFP, Super Brain, one of the artificial intelligence companies in China, has announced that an application called “ghost bot” has been implemented. In an app that will often be preferred by relatives of the deceased, artificial intelligence software will bring the voices and images of the deceased … Read more

How the World of Buenos Aires Real Estate Investment Works: The Definitive Map of the Most Profitable Opportunities

How the World of Buenos Aires Real Estate Investment Works: The Definitive Map of the Most Profitable Opportunities. In the current context of Buenos Aires, real estate has always occupied a prominent place, and Buenos Aires is no exception. Argentina’s capital, with its rich history and vibrant culture, presents itself as fertile ground for those … Read more

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