Market report: DAX investors completely relaxed

Even on the second trading day of the shortened trading week, the DAX did not see any big jumps. However, sentiment in the stock market remains upbeat and hopes for interest rates persist. The DAX started the last full trading day of the year with modest price gains. It rose 0.2 percent to 16,773 points … Read more

Real estate: Stoves made of… gold – Prices for new housing construction are dizzying – Why are they increasing?

Without a brake, their rally continues increases on the domestic real estate market, with sale prices residence an increase of 53.8% nationally and 71.1% in Attica, from 2017 to the second quarter of 2023, when in European Union according to the latest data, it reaches 46%. Eurostat. A key factor in the rapid rise in … Read more

Expert from Commerz Real: Despite the global decline in real estate prices – stability in open real estate funds

A look at global real estate markets shows falling prices. Despite this development, an expert from Commerz Real believes in the stability and safety of open real estate funds. Europace house price index revealed: property prices in Germany are falling In recent months, a downward trend in real estate prices has been observed in large … Read more

58% increase in real estate prices with increasing foreign investment

The housing market has recovered from the crisis and is only 7% away from the high prices of 2007. Foreign investment approached 3 billion from the beginning of 2022 to the third quarter of 2023. A correction is possible, the BoE emphasizes. The destruction that occurred during the crisis incl Greek housing market, with the … Read more

Property prices are holding up, with the exception of Ile de France

The number of sales is falling, but not the prices The real estate market at the end of this year reflects a landscape of nuances, where long-term stability and growth are hidden behind sometimes brutal adjustments. Despite the general perception of a declining market, last year revealed some resistance in property prices across the French … Read more

European house prices stabilized with a 0.9% decline in the last quarter of 2023

Real estate network Remax has published its European real estate report for this year. The report, which compiles data from Remax Europe and its 40 regions, shows that the buyer’s market continues to intensify, as well as the fact that the energy efficiency of properties, along with location, is becoming a major factor in property … Read more

European cities – champions in increasing real estate prices

After Portugal lured wealthy foreigners with investment incentives, the government is trying to stem a buying frenzy that has sent home prices skyrocketing. Housing costs in Lisbon rose 5.8 percent in November to a record 5,426 euros ($5,963) per square meter, according to data from Idealista. This is the second largest increase in Europe after … Read more

Will the decline in housing prices continue?

Real estate investors, owners, and renters are watching real estate prices rise to record levels by the day. end The situation has changed somewhat over time. Especially in recent months, housing prices have stopped and even rent prices have decreased. percent There was a decrease of 10 to 15. Turkey According to data from the … Read more

With the crazy real estate prices in Paris, who can actually buy a property?

Despite the downward trend in real estate prices in the capital, as in the rest of the country, Paris remains the most expensive city, with a price per square meter of around 10,000 euros. And again, it’s average! In the most popular districts of Paris, 6E and 7E especially in the districts, this price per … Read more

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