Pinel’s law: these cities in the southwest where it is interesting to invest in 2024 thanks to the new zoning

What is Pinel’s Law? Pinel’s law is a French tax system was founded in 2014 with the aim of promoting rental investment in the new real estate sector. Introduced by former housing minister Sylvia Pinel, who gave it its name, it aims to speed up the construction of new housing to meet very high demand … Read more

Why Zaragoza is one of the best cities to live and invest – Zaragoza Real Estate | Apartments in Zaragoza

According to a French publication FigaroZaragoza is one of the cities with the best quality of life in Spain. The Aragonese capital stands out as one of the best cities in Spain to live in, especially for retirees, but also for workers and students. Zaragoza, to be a an ideal city for retirees, workers and … Read more

European cities – champions in increasing real estate prices

After Portugal lured wealthy foreigners with investment incentives, the government is trying to stem a buying frenzy that has sent home prices skyrocketing. Housing costs in Lisbon rose 5.8 percent in November to a record 5,426 euros ($5,963) per square meter, according to data from Idealista. This is the second largest increase in Europe after … Read more

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