Real estate: buying a house or apartment for life annuity, anti-crisis solution

basic Faced with rising mortgage rates that are crippling the housing market, combined with soaring inflation that is eroding household savings, life annuity sales are booming. As a Toulouse agency specializing in this sector explains to us, a win/win formula for sellers and buyers. For some, a bet on death or for others, on the … Read more

European house prices stabilized with a 0.9% decline in the last quarter of 2023

Real estate network Remax has published its European real estate report for this year. The report, which compiles data from Remax Europe and its 40 regions, shows that the buyer’s market continues to intensify, as well as the fact that the energy efficiency of properties, along with location, is becoming a major factor in property … Read more

Emlakjet: 44% of those looking for a house were looking for a house to rent

Emlakjet released November real estate data for Turkey in general. According to the company’s statement, 44 percent of those looking for a house for rent and 56 percent for sale were looking for a house in Turkey in November. Although there was no radical change in the prices of houses for sale compared to the … Read more

Real Estate Market: These are the reasons why buying a house is an unattainable dream for young people

Buying one seems like an elusive dream since 2009 Home for young citizens. Real estate prices are even higher, loans are even more expensive and wages are even lower. In fact, the newspaper “Eleftheros Typos” states that in the popular name generations, “Gen Z” are today’s students born from 1997 to approximately 2012. “Millennials” are … Read more

Tiny House: is it really a profitable rental investment?

Tiny Houses have been growing in popularity in recent years as unusual accommodations. Their small dimensions and ecological appearance make them an attractive choice for minimalists and nature lovers. But what about their profitability as a rental investment? In this article, we will take a closer look at whether investing in a Tiny House can … Read more

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