German investors in the DAX are in the minority

At the end of the year, the DAX reached new highs. However, retail investors are in the minority among stock market buyers. Who are the investors in the first place? Author: Bianca von der Au, Insurance company Allianz, software manufacturer SAP, industrial group Siemens, car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz – they are all members of the … Read more

Short trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange: DAX ends the last trading day of the year higher

The last, abbreviated trading day of the strong equity year 2023, closed the leading German DAX index in positive territory. The DAX closed the last trading day of the year at 16,751.64 points, or 0.3 percent higher. It gained slightly at the opening and then continued to gain, but without major fluctuations. XETRA trading ended … Read more

Market report: DAX investors completely relaxed

Even on the second trading day of the shortened trading week, the DAX did not see any big jumps. However, sentiment in the stock market remains upbeat and hopes for interest rates persist. The DAX started the last full trading day of the year with modest price gains. It rose 0.2 percent to 16,773 points … Read more

Market report: DAX gains momentum

It’s no fireworks in the stock market – but Germany’s leading index is at least slightly positive. Tailwind hails from, of all places, Japan, as well as New York. The DAX is gaining momentum again in the afternoon with a friendly Wall Street behind it and is currently holding close to its daily high of … Read more

Campaign without extension: Discount certificates on DAX!

The advent calendar spreads anticipation every day and makes you smile until Christmas. In the no-spread campaign, discount certificates on the DAX (Performance Index) of the index asset class can be traded without a spread during the main trading hours of the underlying asset from December 17th to December 23rd.* The development of consumer prices … Read more