German investors in the DAX are in the minority

At the end of the year, the DAX reached new highs. However, retail investors are in the minority among stock market buyers. Who are the investors in the first place? Author: Bianca von der Au, Insurance company Allianz, software manufacturer SAP, industrial group Siemens, car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz – they are all members of the … Read more

VanEck’s 15 Crypto Predictions for 2024: Recession Won’t Prevent New Bitcoin Records

Bitcoin is likely to set new records in 2024 thanks to some catalysts. Analysts at asset management company VanEck predict this and other developments for the crypto market. • Bitcoin price recovered in 2023 • VanEck expects a new all-time high for Bitcoin in 2024 • More cryptocurrency predictions After bitcoin After reaching its previous … Read more