The investment legend who says “Buy Bitcoin” has these 5 assets in his basket!

cryptocurrency After 2022, which was tough for the market, 2023 was relatively better. As this year draws to a close, it’s time to take a look at the portfolio of veteran investor Robert Kiyosaki, one of the most famous and controversial figures in finance. Kiyosaki strongly opposes fiat money, disparaging terms such as “fake money”. … Read more

Eternity Inc: A Look at the Real Estate Industry and Crypto Market with Interest Rates and Expected Bitcoin ETFs in 2024

At a time when both the crypto market and the real estate industry are watching interest rates and the potential launch of Bitcoin ETFs in 2024, Eternity Inc., led by founder Mykhailo Romanenko and CEO Roman Leithäuser, is positioning itself as a key player in both sectors. this evolving financial ecosystem. Pioneering work by Eternity … Read more

VanEck’s 15 Crypto Predictions for 2024: Recession Won’t Prevent New Bitcoin Records

Bitcoin is likely to set new records in 2024 thanks to some catalysts. Analysts at asset management company VanEck predict this and other developments for the crypto market. • Bitcoin price recovered in 2023 • VanEck expects a new all-time high for Bitcoin in 2024 • More cryptocurrency predictions After bitcoin After reaching its previous … Read more

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