Challenges in 2024 for Industry 4.0 according to Schneider | silicon

Among the technological trends, integration, Big Data, AI and the growing importance of decarbonization and sustainability stand out. The so-called Industry 4.0 covers various industries, with the leaders in this transformation being the automotive industry, electronics, food and chemicals. However, in recent years, sectors such as energy, healthcare, construction and logistics have seen a significant … Read more

The future of the automotive industry: automation and connectivity in vehicles

The automotive industry is undergoing a rapid transformation towards greater automation and connectivity in vehicles. While safety is a primary concern, automakers also face the challenge of making connected vehicles affordable and cost-competitive. Cars today contain more semiconductors than ever before, with an estimated 1,400 chips in the average vehicle. These chips play a key … Read more

Eternity Inc: A Look at the Real Estate Industry and Crypto Market with Interest Rates and Expected Bitcoin ETFs in 2024

At a time when both the crypto market and the real estate industry are watching interest rates and the potential launch of Bitcoin ETFs in 2024, Eternity Inc., led by founder Mykhailo Romanenko and CEO Roman Leithäuser, is positioning itself as a key player in both sectors. this evolving financial ecosystem. Pioneering work by Eternity … Read more

Digital Industry Academy and Tether invest in the future of digital education | Cryptopolitical

Tether Operations Limited (Tether), the company behind the first and most widespread USDt stablecoin, has announced a strategic investment in the Academy of Digital Industries. The investment, made as part of the Series A funding round of the Georgian education platform, represents a new chapter in Tether’s commitment to developing digital knowledge and skills. Digital … Read more

ASUS selects ten technologies that will mark the year 2024 and the future of the industry and people

The rapid development of the technological landscape is shaping a an increasingly innovative and disruptive future. Advances are constant, and emerging trends take on meaning almost instantly, changing the way we live, work and communicate. In this context, experts from ASUS They predict the year 2024, in which it will be necessary to consolidate certain … Read more

How will artificial intelligence be applied in the military industry?

The military is applying AVA—which offers real-time information and ad-hoc reporting to enable intelligent and automated decision-making—to its critical telecommunications networks—the private communications that connect disparate devices controlled by the network owner. monitor your traffic in real time -. “But it’s not clear to us what (the combat bodies) are doing in the use cases … Read more

The New Industry 4.0 – El Diario Santiago

Author: Andrés Leiva, CEO of Videsk Industry 4.0, also known as the fourth industrial revolution, has marked a significant milestone in the business world by promoting technological development and digital transformation, which can be seen in the latest trends such as robotics, Big Data, Cloud Computing, autonomous systems, the Internet of Things (IoT ) and … Read more

The most in-demand jobs in 2030 do not yet exist

According to the World Economic Forum, 80% of the most in-demand jobs will be new in 2030. Today’s society is constantly changing, and the work ecosystem is no stranger to this. This is why UDIT, the University of Design, Innovation and Technology, introduced Atlas of creative professions of the future. A study that aims to … Read more

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