“Digital gold” and European stocks: what to invest in (and what to avoid) in 2024?

Europe Business Observatory takes a closer look at which investments are most likely to deliver returns in the new year, amid various uncertainties in the global economy. 2023 has been a roller-coaster year for markets, boosted by expectations of rate cuts from the US, UK and Europe, global tensions flaring up in the Middle East … Read more

The digital dead cow: how artificial intelligence is applied to operational security | Better Energy

Development Cow Dead It was fully digital from the start. Loma Campana, area YPF and American Chevronbecame a reference for non-conventional industry in the application of resources and innovation which establish and enhance the natural capabilities of the terrain and multiply the effectiveness of the equipment. But following this digital application to the daily operation … Read more

Digital Industry Academy and Tether invest in the future of digital education | Cryptopolitical

Tether Operations Limited (Tether), the company behind the first and most widespread USDt stablecoin, has announced a strategic investment in the Academy of Digital Industries. The investment, made as part of the Series A funding round of the Georgian education platform, represents a new chapter in Tether’s commitment to developing digital knowledge and skills. Digital … Read more

Digital transformation is key for banks

By exploring customer data, banks are becoming technological pioneers and offering tailored services to strengthen their position in the financial sector. Just as convenient retail has been disrupted by the convenience factor brought about by digital transformation, the global banking industry, once characterized by brick-and-mortar branches and face-to-face meetings with customers, has evolved in response … Read more

They confirm that digital accounts are the means most chosen by Argentines to face inflation – La Jornada Web

Source: Télam Digital accounts are the payment method most chosen by Argentines to fight inflation, in a context where this type of tool favors financial inclusion, as one in five people who use virtual wallets do not have a bank account. Based on the results of a survey conducted by the consulting firm Isonomía together … Read more

Artificial intelligence: the key to digital transformation in society

In permanent development technological environment, artificial intelligence (AI) became the undisputed protagonist. It is the main driver of the unprecedented changes occurring in the business environment. However, its rapid adoption is accompanied by a number of problems myths and misunderstandingsin short, noise that could disorient companies seeking this inclusion technique in their operations. In order … Read more

The premiere of the Salamanca Center for Financial Education

It is now housed in the San Eloy building the new Edufinet financial education center in Salamanca, an initiative supported by the Edufinet project of Unicaja in collaboration with the Caja Duero Foundation. This project also has the support of Funcas (Savings Bank Foundation) through the Funcas Educa program to support financial education. The director … Read more