The premiere of the Salamanca Center for Financial Education

It is now housed in the San Eloy building the new Edufinet financial education center in Salamanca, an initiative supported by the Edufinet project of Unicaja in collaboration with the Caja Duero Foundation.

This project also has the support of Funcas (Savings Bank Foundation) through the Funcas Educa program to support financial education.

The director of the Edufinet project, José M. Domínguez, attended the event held this morning at the facilities in the Plaza de San Boal in the center of Salamanca; General Manager of People and Media Unicaja Banco, José María de la Vega; and Juan Antonio Cano, Head of Financial Education at the Unicaja Banking Foundation.

Various Salamanca authorities were also present, including the city’s mayor, Carlos García Carbayo.

The purpose of the new center is develop training and dissemination activities on economic and financial issues with the aim of improving citizens’ knowledge and skills in these areas and contributing to individual, informed and responsible decision-making.

IN new premises of more than 200 square meters, located in the historic building of San Eloyyou can visit an exhibition about basic concepts and economic and financial points of interest, a schedule that reflects the historical development of money over the centuries, an interactive area of ​​financial games with 10 tablets and a classroom.

In April 2019, the Unicaja Banking Foundation, Unicaja Banco and the Caja Duero Foundation signed a cooperation agreement in the development of activities supported by the Edufinet project in Castilla y León.

In these years, conferences, seminars, conferences and courses are planned, always in the field of economic and financial education.

Edufinet project

Edufinet is a project supported by Unicaja Banco and the Unicaja Foundation together with other public and private institutions. In the Castilla-León region, cooperation agreements have been concluded with the University of Salamanca, the Pontifical University of Salamanca, the University of Valladolid, the University of León and the University of Burgos.

The Edufinet project has nearly two decades of experience and is one of the pioneering financial education programs in the country.

Its goal is to guarantee the financial inclusion of all groups in society. During this time, she received various awards, including several recognitions from the CECA Awards for Social Work and Financial Education.

This program has been operating through an Internet portal aimed at the general public since the end of 2007, although it began to develop in 2005.

More than a dozen institutions and business organizations cooperate on it, as well as 17 universities. ..

Since its launch, nearly 260,000 people have attended the various sessions, workshops, courses and conferences it has hosted.

To date, its website has received more than 20 million cumulative visits with access from nearly 180 countries.

All this has made Unicaja, one of the pioneer entities in Spain in launching an initiative of this type, one of the most active agents in the field of financial education and inclusion, in applying its CSR and commitment to society.

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