Artificial intelligence: the key to digital transformation in society

In permanent development technological environment, artificial intelligence (AI) became the undisputed protagonist. It is the main driver of the unprecedented changes occurring in the business environment.

However, its rapid adoption is accompanied by a number of problems myths and misunderstandingsin short, noise that could disorient companies seeking this inclusion technique in their operations.

In order to dissipate this noise, which can sometimes be deafening, it is necessary fight misinformation with the tool trainingso that companies can not only get on board the AI ​​train, but drive it deftly.

Institute of Artificial Intelligence in AlicantePilar Cortes

Myths of artificial intelligence

Among the main beliefs that lead us to confusion about what is possible with artificial intelligence and what is still a Kubrick film is the idea that Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) may be very close.

Artificial intelligence has already changed many aspects of our daily lives

Artificial intelligence has seen significant progress in recent years, transforming in many aspects of our daily and professional lives. Despite these advances, however, we are still far from developing an AI with cognitive capabilities comparable to humans, which is known as AGI. This gap between the popular perception of what AI can do and its actual capabilities is significant.

One of the main challenges is understanding and application human knowledgea complex field that includes not only information processing, but also aspects such as reasoning, common sense and planning. Current AI, while impressive at specific tasks such as language processing, data analysis and machine learningthey still lack the depth and versatility of human thought.

In an effort to make artificial intelligence more accessible, Institute of Artificial Intelligence demystifies the belief that To work with AI, it is essential to have computer skills. From their vision, you can supplement your knowledge and lead projects that involve artificial intelligence without having any knowledge of programming or mathematics.

Artificial intelligence can work and be valuable even with a limited amount of data.Pilar Cortes

We can use artificial intelligence in scenarios with limited data

Although it is true that to date AI needed large amounts of data to be efficient. At this point it is known that it still needs a large amount of data, the difference is that we can use training from others to produce AI applications. In this way, we can achieve applications in data-constrained scenarios, greatly expanding their reach and availability.

A straight line that is often distorted is the difference between robotics and artificial intelligence. It is essential to understand the fundamental difference between traditional robotics and current artificial intelligence technologies. Robotics, known for its automation and accuracy In specific tasks, it mainly works with predefined parameters and fixed routines. However, AI is making significant progress in this area, although it still lags behind other fields.

The AI technology stand out with your ability learn and adapt. Unlike conventional robotics, which perform tasks repeatedly and without change, AI can process data, learn from experience, and make better decisions over time. This flexibility It enables AI to solve complex and dynamic problemsadaptation to new and unfamiliar situations.

Understanding neural networks is critical to appreciating the capabilities of AI.INF

It is essential to understand the difference between neural networks and the human brain

Neural networks, inspired by the neural structure of the human brain, are algorithmic systems that mimic the human learning process. It is essential to demystify and understand difference between neural networks and human brain to truly appreciate the capabilities and limitations of today’s artificial intelligence.

When comparing neural networks to the human brain, it is crucial to note that although they are inspired by human biology, these technology they remain tools with specific capabilities and limitations. This understanding enables and guides a more realistic assessment of the current state of AI future development to more efficient and ethical applications.

Training in a changing environment

We often think that to achieve the highest level of technological knowledge, it is mandatory to travel to Silicon Valley or take a course at Stanford. Very close to here, however, we find an institution in Alicante that positions itself as world number one in the sector that seeks training in Spanish.

He Institute of Artificial Intelligence is dedicated to offering flexible and up-to-date educational programs that strive to prepare students and professionals to effectively navigate and apply artificial intelligence in a technologically advanced and ever-evolving world, offering education and training adapted to such a changing environment as this.

The Institute of Artificial Intelligence offers training in a changing environment.Pilar Cortes

“We focus our efforts on guiding professionals to deeply understand the potential of artificial intelligence so that they can design effective strategy and above all they are profitable. We have commitment disseminate the latest advances in artificial intelligence, always adopt a critical view which enriches and provides significant value in this ever-evolving field,” says María José Peral, CEO of the IIA.

This company is responsible for training more than 600 students since its inception in 2019 and is distinguished by its route offer comprehensive and flexible learning Deeply focused on business.

The Institute of Artificial Intelligence has already trained more than 600 students.Pilar Cortes

Another significant aspect of the Institute Artificial Intelligence is your commitment in-house trainingoffer Educational programs personalized to adapt to needs and goals specific to each company.

The use of AI technologies effectively accelerates digital transformation

This approach enables organizations to accelerate their operations digital transformation, equip your teams skills and knowledge necessary for effective integration and use of AI technologies. In addition, it enables more agile and accurate implementation of AI solutions that are compliant with strategies and challenges specific to each company.

In short, in a world where information overload is rampant, p technology application able to generate content in seconds with the effort of one click, the best tool we can use is knowledge and training.

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