The benefit of completing rental investment training

Do you want to diversify your assets and create passive income? Know that it really is possible with a rental property investment. To thrive in this field, you need to acquire deep skills and a very good knowledge of the market. Opting for real estate investment training can be a strategic way to achieve these … Read more

Artificial intelligence: the key to digital transformation in society

In permanent development technological environment, artificial intelligence (AI) became the undisputed protagonist. It is the main driver of the unprecedented changes occurring in the business environment. However, its rapid adoption is accompanied by a number of problems myths and misunderstandingsin short, noise that could disorient companies seeking this inclusion technique in their operations. In order … Read more

Financial literacy training for students

Aviva SA, TurkeyHe continues to support the Young Success Education Foundation, which runs programs to improve financial literacy in Turkey. 18 volunteer AvivaSA employees participating in the Foundation’s “Corporate Program” project worked with the students for 6 weeks, providing them with career advice and financial training. AvivaSA Emeklilik ve Hayat, one of the leading companies … Read more