Financial literacy training for students

Aviva SA, TurkeyHe continues to support the Young Success Education Foundation, which runs programs to improve financial literacy in Turkey. 18 volunteer AvivaSA employees participating in the Foundation’s “Corporate Program” project worked with the students for 6 weeks, providing them with career advice and financial training.

AvivaSA Emeklilik ve Hayat, one of the leading companies in the private pension and life insurance sector, continues to support the Genç Achievement Education Foundation (GBEV) as part of its social responsibility activities.

AvivaSA staff recently provided voluntary training to students as part of the ‘Enterprise Programme’ run in secondary schools by GBEV, which operates in three main sectors: entrepreneurship, financial literacy and preparing young people for the world of business. 18 voluntary AvivaSA staff worked with the students for 6 weeks, advising them on their professional life and providing various trainings to increase their financial literacy.

Trainings are held every year, this year in Istanbul, Izmir and AdapazariWhile the vr took place in a total of 90 schools, the training was mainly attended by students of the 2nd and 3rd grades of secondary schools.

AvivaSA volunteers participating in the GBEV corporate program visited schools and mentored student-founded companies. Volunteers attended 12 company meetings over 6 weeks and provided guidance to students based on their own work experience as per the agenda of each meeting. For 6 weeks students; They were briefed on company values, mission, visioning, capital structure, leadership, CEO and department responsibilities, conducting company meetings, market research, product selection, manufacturing, sales, marketing, financial statements and liquidation.

What is the GBEV Corporate Program?

The company program is mainly attended by 2nd and 3rd year high school students. After the completion of the educational processes of the selected schools and their teachers, the teachers and their students will enter the process of establishing a company. These companies are companies that are not registered in the commercial register, but are companies in all aspects. Young people build their capital by selling virtual shares based on materials provided by GBEV, manufacture and sell products, finalize their corporate structure and close the company at the end of 12 to 26 weeks. If the company has made a profit, dividends are distributed to shareholders. During this process, students go through job interviews, go through the necessary corporate structures such as CEO and finance, human resources, sales and marketing, and hold general meetings.

The aim of this program is to help young people develop their sense of responsibility, self-confidence, teamwork and increase their financial literacy by living this experience rather than making a profit for an established company. Successful young people have the opportunity to meet other young people participating in this program on an international stage and to sell their products at the GBEV International Fair.

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