MEB will send 850 students abroad with scholarships for postgraduate education

As part of the Selection and Placement of Candidates Abroad for Postgraduate Education (YLSY) 2023, 529 university students will be sent abroad on behalf of 81 universities and 321 students on behalf of 27 different public institutions. Students will be able to study in 69 different countries under 2023 YLSY. In this context, the total … Read more

Financial literacy training for students

Aviva SA, TurkeyHe continues to support the Young Success Education Foundation, which runs programs to improve financial literacy in Turkey. 18 volunteer AvivaSA employees participating in the Foundation’s “Corporate Program” project worked with the students for 6 weeks, providing them with career advice and financial training. AvivaSA Emeklilik ve Hayat, one of the leading companies … Read more

Anatomy or finance? Medical students now want business degrees

A growing number of doctors are trading in their stethoscopes for business degrees, with more than 60% of medical schools offering dual MD-MBA programs, according to a recent study. This trend demonstrates a shift towards combining clinical expertise with management skills and reveals the changing landscape of the healthcare industry MEDİMAZİN – Jasen Gundersen’s journey … Read more