Investment real estate in Florida starting at $29,990

The Miami-based company has a secure and guaranteed system that allows buyers to acquire residential land regardless of their immigration status and nationality without having to travel to the United States to purchase.

It is currently offering its acclaimed project in the Gasparilla area, a wonderful sector of great growth, a few minutes from kilometers of paradisiacal beaches, an average temperature of 23 degrees Celsius, white sand and turquoise water that coexist in harmony with developed cities and services. level.

Residential plots of 700 square meters, fully developed, can be purchased from $29,990. The company specializes in making the dream of having a lot come true through a secure, tight process and with full support in Spanish.

Why do people trust residential land?

ANDRÉS BORDACHAR: Residential land is a great option to build and then sell with a house, and it is also a financial tool, as it provides a solid position in the world’s strongest economy with a fabulous investment ticket and mainly in dollars. Florida Golden Company’s product is what investors are looking for today to diversify their assets. We apply the saying very well: “It’s better to have your eggs in different baskets.”

What is the perception of investors?

AB: Everyone is very happy, thinking about the next steps. Many times when they know the area, they call me and tell me that I was very careful in explaining how wonderful the area is and the growth that can be seen walking the streets.

Is it time for Colombian investors in Florida?

AB: Today, the Colombian investor thinks big and gets things done. The current situation encourages you to do so and you make decisions and opportunities together with the company.

How was the experience in Colombia?

AB: It was great. It is a source of great pride for us to see clients convey the joy and passion of their Florida real estate purchase. Many times these emotions are transferred to family and friends who form a chain of referrals. The best advertising is word of mouth. The client profile is serious, intelligent people with fantastic energy.

Are there guarantees for foreign investors?

AB: Completely. For Florida Golden Company, safety and a great experience throughout the process are very important. Many clients start their investments in the United States, so full support is provided in the sales and after-sales process. In the United States, buying real estate is mandatory with a title company, and in our case, we also have a real estate agent; both must be accredited in the state. The title company surveys the property and protects the buyer’s funds throughout the transaction. Thus, the investor can be sure that until the real estate is registered in his name at the regional court, his funds will be completely safe in the title company’s trust account (escrow account). Florida continues to experience an investment boom thanks to its political stability and legal certainty.

What are your projections for 2024?

AB: 2024 will be a great year in which we will have great opportunities. In 2023 alone, more than 30 building applications were submitted for our project area, breaking records year after year. Florida is and will be a magnet where people invest, trust and want to be.

To learn more about the company’s offer, visit the website or contact WhatsApp at +1 786 633 16 40. There, interested parties will receive personalized information.

*Content created with support from Florida Golden Company

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