Real estate: how to find the perfect time to invest and avoid the pitfalls!

Real estate investing is a complex and often intimidating process, but it’s extremely rewarding when done right. Finding the ideal time to invest in real estate is a question that worries many investors, both beginners and experienced. In a fluctuating market marked by sometimes unpredictable trends, how can we determine the right time to jump … Read more

“Digital gold” and European stocks: what to invest in (and what to avoid) in 2024?

Europe Business Observatory takes a closer look at which investments are most likely to deliver returns in the new year, amid various uncertainties in the global economy. 2023 has been a roller-coaster year for markets, boosted by expectations of rate cuts from the US, UK and Europe, global tensions flaring up in the Middle East … Read more

Housing market 2024, what to invest in?

As we welcome the new year, the real estate market is one of the topics that citizens are most curious about. Citizens who have saved their investments for 2024 have already started researching. This year housing Will prices go up or down? Although investment in land exceeded housing last year, what are the expectations this … Read more

Real estate: five good reasons to invest in 2024

Is the worst of the real estate crisis behind us? The question arises when looking at the relevant indicators the year 2024. If the real estate market stalled in 2023, it didn’t crash. The number of transactions remains very high (928,000 as per data Notaries of France). What’s more, property prices have held up and … Read more

Organization of collective investments in real estate (OPCI): invest in stone without worrying about management – Le Revenu

Remember Performance: variable depending on the years and the health of real estate and financial markets Risk: non-guaranteed return and capital Duration : at least eight to ten years Liquidity: superior to SCPI, with selection possible at any time Like real estate investment trusts (SCPIs), real estate collective investment trusts (OPCIs) are considered a “rock … Read more

Pinel’s law: these cities in the southwest where it is interesting to invest in 2024 thanks to the new zoning

What is Pinel’s Law? Pinel’s law is a French tax system was founded in 2014 with the aim of promoting rental investment in the new real estate sector. Introduced by former housing minister Sylvia Pinel, who gave it its name, it aims to speed up the construction of new housing to meet very high demand … Read more

Real estate: when new is cheaper than old

According to a recent study, DPE is disrupting the new and old real estate market in several cities in France. Additional investment for the old The real estate market has seen many twists and turns in recent years. In addition to the rise in interest rates, DPE (Diagnostics of Energy Performance) and its obligations are … Read more

Digital Industry Academy and Tether invest in the future of digital education | Cryptopolitical

Tether Operations Limited (Tether), the company behind the first and most widespread USDt stablecoin, has announced a strategic investment in the Academy of Digital Industries. The investment, made as part of the Series A funding round of the Georgian education platform, represents a new chapter in Tether’s commitment to developing digital knowledge and skills. Digital … Read more

Real estate – Purchase. Where can you invest in self-financed studies?

WITH growth in lending rates AND tightening of conditions for access to real estate loansis a self-financed rental investment still possible at the dawn of 2024? That’s according to a study from Meilleurs Agents, a website specializing in online property valuations, which analyzed property prices in France’s 200 largest cities to identify the best buying … Read more