Organization of collective investments in real estate (OPCI): invest in stone without worrying about management – Le Revenu

Remember Performance: variable depending on the years and the health of real estate and financial markets Risk: non-guaranteed return and capital Duration : at least eight to ten years Liquidity: superior to SCPI, with selection possible at any time Like real estate investment trusts (SCPIs), real estate collective investment trusts (OPCIs) are considered a “rock … Read more

Le Revenu Pierre: a platform for the resale of properties in managed residences

In a gloomy real estate context, the managed real estate market offers great opportunities for investors. Dynamic, secondary managed real estate market is in constant progress, even in 2023, driven by the growing needs of residences for the elderly, students, EHPAD, but also tourist or business residences. Le Revenu Pierre is the first ever platform … Read more

How to finance your investment – Le Revenu

If you don’t have enough liquidity, a loan is a must for a rental property investment. Whether you’re buying new or old housing or non-residential premises, tax-exempt or not, here’s our advice on getting the best property loan. Amortizable loan or finally Logic dictates that rent pays back capital and interest. Loan finally (repaying the … Read more

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