Le Revenu Pierre: a platform for the resale of properties in managed residences

In a gloomy real estate context, the managed real estate market offers great opportunities for investors.

Dynamic, secondary managed real estate market is in constant progress, even in 2023, driven by the growing needs of residences for the elderly, students, EHPAD, but also tourist or business residences.

Le Revenu Pierre is the first ever platform to connect property owners and investors and handles a business volume of around 80 million tax-free, representing a total withdrawal of €100 million. With a specialist’s eye, Revenu Pierre selects the best properties and streamlines the market through quality information and personalized support. Meeting Etienne Jacquot, director and co-founder of Le Revenu Pierre.

How do you select properties in this specific market?

Le Revenu Pierre has a dual mission. Offer liquidity solutions to investors who sell your assets in the non-professional rental of furnished furniture (LMNP) and offer banks and CGP a selection of quality properties for their own customers. The secondary market for LMNP investments is dynamic. However, it is quite inconsistent in terms of quality and profitability of goods and requires real expertise in lot selection.

Expert in this market since 2007, Le Revenu Pierre knows the players and has a very extensive knowledge base of residences. We have established a strict selection process that only retains 1/3 of the properties for sale according to detailed criteria:

  • the quality of the location depending on the destination of the property.
  • the profitability of the residence, a key element for the manager, is also a certainty for the owner by ensuring the sustainability of the operation.
  • solidity and clarity of a long-term commercial lease
  • the quality of the operator and his teams

Thanks to its Revenu Pierre methodology, it refers to a qualitative offer, stable over time, offering safe and long-term rents, within the favorable tax framework for furnished rentals.

Le Revenu Pierre supports sellers in all legal, financial and administrative aspects of sales in order to promote their goods for resale. Very often we know the residence better than the seller himself!

What profitability can we expect from this type of investment?

Today we achieve an average profitability of 4.5 – 5.5% and this rate is increasing. These assets are offering higher yields than a year ago due to the dual mechanism of falling purchase prices and rising rents.

The strong selectivity of our offer ensures investments for a long time. In addition, the taxation of unprofessionally furnished rentals is more advantageous for depreciating real estate with a lower tax base.

Revenu Pierre prioritizes local relationships with its distribution networks: a long-term development axis?

95% of our business is B2B with a network of Wealth Management advisors, banks and Family Offices. Of the more than 3,000 CGPs with access to our offerings, more than 650 are active partners.

The close relationship allows our regional teams to promote our assets and our careful selection and referencing work. We also participate in a significant number of general meetings of co-owners, strengthening the local knowledge of the listed residences.

Finally, our partners benefit from secure turnkey investment opportunities with attractive returns. Revenu Pierre is a company made up of experts in this niche market, focusing on asset valuation professionals. Twenty employees spread across the country lead this specific market, as close as possible to our CGP networks, banking and institutional partners.

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