Pinel’s law: these cities in the southwest where it is interesting to invest in 2024 thanks to the new zoning

What is Pinel’s Law? Pinel’s law is a French tax system was founded in 2014 with the aim of promoting rental investment in the new real estate sector. Introduced by former housing minister Sylvia Pinel, who gave it its name, it aims to speed up the construction of new housing to meet very high demand … Read more

Shared Property Law in Tunisia: Pros and Cons – Almindhar

The right to shared property in Tunisia is a topic of growing interest in law and real estate. Al-Mindhar is ready to guide you through the intricacies of this legislation and reveal its pros and cons. Shared ownership, as an innovative concept, appears to be a unique solution in the Tunisian landscape, presenting unique opportunities … Read more

EU agrees world’s first artificial intelligence law: what does it mean?

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! Get Exclusive GIFT for subscription to National Geographic magazine. Enjoy National Geographic Special Edition still exclusive price for being a subscriber. The European Union marks a historic milestone by agreeing to the first global regulation of artificial intelligence (AI), a legislative process that has not yet ended, but which already means before and … Read more