Intense interest in participatory banking from all segments

Today, people and institutions of all ages and walks of life prefer participatory banking to use their savings. In the last five years, an increase in the interest of young people in the financial sector and their financial literacy has been observed. Who is most interested in participatory banking? Although a certain group of people … Read more

SCPI: Investing in a period of rising interest rates, good idea or bad idea?

Faced with the prospect of a inflationary period az rising interest ratesmany investors are interested in the suitability of investing in Civil real estate investment companies (SCPI). In this article, we will explore SCPI’s behavior during these periods and the elements to consider when making decisionsinvestment. Impact of rising interest rates on SCPI Several elements … Read more

Eternity Inc: A Look at the Real Estate Industry and Crypto Market with Interest Rates and Expected Bitcoin ETFs in 2024

At a time when both the crypto market and the real estate industry are watching interest rates and the potential launch of Bitcoin ETFs in 2024, Eternity Inc., led by founder Mykhailo Romanenko and CEO Roman Leithäuser, is positioning itself as a key player in both sectors. this evolving financial ecosystem. Pioneering work by Eternity … Read more

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