Intense interest in participatory banking from all segments

Today, people and institutions of all ages and walks of life prefer participatory banking to use their savings. In the last five years, an increase in the interest of young people in the financial sector and their financial literacy has been observed.

Who is most interested in participatory banking?

Although a certain group of people in our country and in the world make it a point to stay away from interest income, savings that are not directed to depository banks or any investment vehicles remain idle. While such a situation creates a kind of financing gap for both the investor and the sector, participation banks fill this economic gap and offer solutions to the financial and investment needs of interest-sensitive people.

The years when the foundations of the understanding of Islamic finance were laid and the first applications were filed date back to the 1960s. Participatory banking in the modern sense of the word developed in the 1970s and 1980s. So will only those who are interest sensitive turn to participatory banking in this process?

Viewers of all ages are interested

Although the conservative segment considers participatory banking as a priority, today it seems that people and institutions from almost all segments of society prefer participatory banking to use their savings.

Expectation of complex and modern services

A service approach shaped in accordance with the expectations and needs of customers in the financial services sector; In light of technological developments, it enables banks to improve operational efficiency, increase service quality and improve customer experience. It is important for financial institutions to be accessible and provide comprehensive services to their customers in order to meet customer expectations. With this understanding, young people attach special importance to the digital applications and mobile presentations of financial institutions.

The financial literacy of young people makes an impact

Especially in the last five years, there has been an increase in the interest of young people in the financial sector and their financial literacy.

Vakıf Katılım continues to attract the attention of young people with its variety of products and services, digital processes of branch channels and innovations in mobile banking.

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